Aug 31, 2015

A peek inside...

...books and things I'm loving, or not loving, lately!

**All books and items were received complimentary for my honest opinion. **

This is what I'm reading lately-


Sacred Marriage from

This book was deep. It brings you through all the emotions. It forces you to really look deeply at your marriage, bit by bit, and helps you to see what God's vision for your marriage truly is- a holy, sacred union. I will admit, this book took me a little while to get through. It is not an easy read, so give yourself some time to devote to this book. There are a lot of quotes, but it calls you to live authentically before God and your spouse. I would suggest this book if you're wanting to give your marriage more attention, or for newlyweds!



Lazarus bible study, from

This was a great study! The author is easy to follow, and I also used my bible in addition to the study guide, book, and dvd. I did this study alone, but I see how it would be great with a friend or a group! Lessons are short, and you have a bit of homework, but it's not a bad way to spend 30 minutes of your day! The author really cares about getting the information to you in a way you'll understand, and you can tell she is passionate about this study. The book, however, did not come with it.



And, we also received these yummy doggie treats from our friends at Ginny has had allergies something fierce the last couple of weeks. This poor baby has licked her paws so much the hair was coming out and they were bright pink! So, the Vet wanted us to change her diet to one of venison and sweet potato- yeah, Girlfriend is probably eating better than we are!

It was such a happy coincidence that sent over these treats! They fit into her new fancy diet and she gobbles them up like nobody's business! I'd say they were a blessing to us!


And lastly, from


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

This item was interesting to me. 1. I never really wear shorts. It's almost always longer skirts or pants. So, I don't personally see a reason for this. 2. It was interesting to see how most "Light" colored things, whether it's bandaids, makeup, whatever- it is always too dark for my skin, and this was no exception.

This item has a funky smell, kind of reminds me of the sunless tanners. It goes on like a foundation, but was too dark for my skin. I could have spread it around to make it blend better, but then it gets even more transparent and doesn't really cover well. If you have a darker skin tone, this may get the job done for what it is, but for me it just didn't work.

And that's all for now! What books, or treats, are you loving lately? Comment below! 
Aug 22, 2015

I am bursting at the seams about....

Soooooooooo... after trying to keep this a secret long enough, I am about to burst at the seams, I just can't hold it in anymore....

We are ecstatic to announce....


Yes! God is so good! OK, so here's the low down,

  • We are gathering stage- gathering all info for the huge application, doing fingerprints, gathering references and just every.single.detail about our lives to get down on paper.
  • I will write about our adoption journey because Lord knows I've been reading every article, blog post, and snippet on adoption I can get my eyes on, so I want to share our journey for others! 
  • We ask that you pray for us, that God guides us every step of the way. Pray that our child, wherever he or she may be in the world, knows love is coming. Just any prayers you can think of for this journey we are on and for us, they are most welcome. 
  • This will take A WHILE, so just keep those prayers coming and I will update you as soon as I can!
EKK! I'm going to go dance around now. Enjoy your day!

P.S., A DIY tutorial on how to make your own egg announcement is coming soon! AND- if you'd like to support our adoption process- check out my Etsy shop, all proceeds go to the cost of adoption!

Aug 5, 2015

August Currently

I LOVE these currently posts! It lets you see what your favorite blogger has been up to in between their posts. 

Today I link up with Anne and Jenna for Currently- August Edition

Creating | Lots and lots of scarves and sewn goodies for my Etsy shop! You guys have to check out all the cute things I've done recently, like this super cute travel scarf! I wish I would've made it when we did our whirlwind tour all over Europe! (Which the rest of those posts that are years late- they are coming! Stay tuned!)

Monogrammable Travel Multicolor Infinity Scarf, Only store to offer these!
Travel Scarf via TheArtsyCajun on Etsy

Wishlisting | Quite a few things, but it's a secret that I can tell yet. Soon enough, you'll know! 

Hoping | For things to work out to my master plan!  Again, secrets don't make friends, but I have to keep this one a little bit longer. You understand, don't you? 

Eating | Trying to eat more veggies and fruits. Turns out, this girl has incredibly high cholesterol and the Lipitor aggravates the Fibromyalgia, so we're working on the right way to tackle this issue. In the mean time, Dr.'s orders are to clean up my diet as much as possible, so I'm trying but boy, does sweets look better than ever to my eyes! 

Watching | I've binged on the show Parenthood on Netflix. I've missed Lauren Graham so much but I wasn't quite ready to dive back into Gilmore Girls yet, so I googled where she'd played in and this show popped up. I have to say, and first I was talking back to the TV, because you know you do it too, and saying things like, " Oh get over it already! It's not that serious!" and now, halfway through season 4 I'm saying, "Ohhh!!!! I feel you, I totally understand where you're coming from! You have every right to tell her off!" Yeah, it's sucked me in that much, folks. 

Tell me about what you are currently up to!