Aug 5, 2015

August Currently

I LOVE these currently posts! It lets you see what your favorite blogger has been up to in between their posts. 

Today I link up with Anne and Jenna for Currently- August Edition

Creating | Lots and lots of scarves and sewn goodies for my Etsy shop! You guys have to check out all the cute things I've done recently, like this super cute travel scarf! I wish I would've made it when we did our whirlwind tour all over Europe! (Which the rest of those posts that are years late- they are coming! Stay tuned!)

Monogrammable Travel Multicolor Infinity Scarf, Only store to offer these!
Travel Scarf via TheArtsyCajun on Etsy

Wishlisting | Quite a few things, but it's a secret that I can tell yet. Soon enough, you'll know! 

Hoping | For things to work out to my master plan!  Again, secrets don't make friends, but I have to keep this one a little bit longer. You understand, don't you? 

Eating | Trying to eat more veggies and fruits. Turns out, this girl has incredibly high cholesterol and the Lipitor aggravates the Fibromyalgia, so we're working on the right way to tackle this issue. In the mean time, Dr.'s orders are to clean up my diet as much as possible, so I'm trying but boy, does sweets look better than ever to my eyes! 

Watching | I've binged on the show Parenthood on Netflix. I've missed Lauren Graham so much but I wasn't quite ready to dive back into Gilmore Girls yet, so I googled where she'd played in and this show popped up. I have to say, and first I was talking back to the TV, because you know you do it too, and saying things like, " Oh get over it already! It's not that serious!" and now, halfway through season 4 I'm saying, "Ohhh!!!! I feel you, I totally understand where you're coming from! You have every right to tell her off!" Yeah, it's sucked me in that much, folks. 

Tell me about what you are currently up to!


  1. Even on my 21 Day fix, where fruits & veggies are your friend, I STILL have a hard time getting in my veggies. I'm finding there's a limit to what I'll eat.

  2. Good for you for cleaning up your diet! Maybe try some fruit combos for your sweet tooth :) I make a batch of fruit pops for the week for my after dinner sweets!

  3. I need to start watching Gilmore Girls again. I miss Lorelai! :)

  4. You know, I've always said the thing about salads is that I'll eat them, if someone makes them for me. haha! For some reason it's just not as fun to make a salad. Just me??

  5. I love Parenthood! And that cookbook looks enticing - I love fresh veggies in the summer!


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