Jul 3, 2013

Fishing tales

Fishing- gross, dirty, stinky, smelly... But totally relaxing. As a child, my Grandfather would take us fishing on the Atchafalaya River (across the street and over the levee). It was okay, always super hot and humid, but I hardly ever picked up the fishing pole. I would get bored and distracted watching the barges slowly pass by, or scour the river bank for a magical treasure chest that I'd somehow convinced myself would wash up eventually. Needless to say, never found that chest, but I did carry the memories with me over the years, which were just as precious.
  Fast forward to our apartment search a month ago. Having some sort of nature within walking distance was a must for me.  A few trees in the parking lot doesn't cut it for this girl. I need to see nothing commercial, or parking lots, just nature as far as I can see.  When we found this apartment complex, I think I'd hit the jackpot. McDowell Grove Forest Preserve, 515 acres of picnicking areas, 7 miles of trails, kayaking and fishing 1/2 mile from my door. HEAVENNNNN!!!! I was sold. Now, fast forward another month. With family things going on, Chris's weird work schedule, and unpacking/ setting up home, we didn't have the opportunity go explore this piece of Heaven...until this past Sunday. We packed up a bag filled with first aid supplies, fishing tackle, and water bottles, grabbed our fishing poles, lunch and off we went! They have a nice parking lot when you first drive in, so we parked and grabbed a picnic table. After a very peaceful lunch, we set off. The trail winds around for about a mile before you reach the bigger lake. The trail wasn't terrible, pretty forest areas, graveled so no mud, and only a handful of bikers whizzing past you. We found our spot on the lake and fished for about 2 hours. It was so nice!!! Very relaxing, and the fish were extremely plentiful. Pretty much seconds after I cast, I would get a bite! McDowell grove is catch and release so we let them all go, but it was nice just to look over at your husband, who is enjoying this just as much if not more than you are, and take it all in. Making new memories that are just as precious as the old ones, that is  what life is all about! We will definitely support the preserve and enjoy it every chance we get!


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  1. Aww.. I love fishing! I remember spending my summers on my grandparent's farm and fishing with my grandfather as a young child. And even when I was older, finding little private fishing spots and spending all day there. Such an awesome time!


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