Aloha! I love reading about the wonderful minds behind all of the fabulous blogs out there. So, let us get to know each other! 

  Hi! I'm Jessy, welcome to my lifestyle blog! What will you find here? Well, a bit of everything! Most importantly, I am a sinner who has been saved by God's amazing grace. Because of my semi-OCD organizing nature, you can click the Catagories button above (on the toolbar) to see the other topics I write about besides my faith. 

  Quite a few years ago, my youngest brother came back from Iraq and had orders to be stationed in Hawaii. When he asked if I wanted to move to this  magical island of my dreams and be his roommate, I couldn't pack my bag fast enough! We found a tiny apartment 2 blocks from the beach on the North Shore of Oahu, and my life was fantastic! 

  Enter, the guy. I met my future Mr. (an Army buddy of Brothers) and life was grand! Filled to the brim with as much beautiful Hawaiian beaches, bike rides, hiking, and cookouts as we could get! Fast forward two years, the Mr. and I were married on the most beautiful beach, literally called, Secret Beach! 

  In 2013, After 9 years serving our country in the Army, The Mr. was honorably discharged.  And so began our vagabond adventure phase!  We spent 38 days in Europe visiting 17 countries... blog post about that and how I managed to only bring one pack FOR THE WHOLE TRIP is here.  

Expat Explore
  This blog was born out of the sheer necessity of needing to share hundreds of our travel photos with both of our large families. Plus, I do tons of arts & crafts, recipes, paintings, drawings, and generally amazing things and get asked- "How did you do that?" all.the.time. I also throw bits of humor in my writing, if you can't tell, wink, wink!

  For now, maybe forever, we have settled in Illinois.  Although it is a little colder than I'm used to, I think it will be a fun part of our lives! We also adopted the sweetest little girl from Rover Rescue, Meet Ginny!

She has been such a blessing in our lives!

  Life has been exciting thus far, and I can't wait to share it with you along the way! Stay tuned!