Feb 24, 2015

Divergent Walking Tour

One of the things I wanted to share with my Australian friend, Kate, (fellow Divergent lover) was landmarks in Chicago that appear in the books and movies. I searched for hours to find a tour or itinerary for this online, and couldn't find much. So, I decided to make our own tour! This is how we did it. 

 At the bottom of this post is a printable PDF with walking directions and maps. 

Total distance: 4.8 miles 

1. We drove to Navy Pier and parked there. If you remember, this is where they played Capture the flag, and where Tris and Four climbed the ferris wheel. So park there, and then stroll down to the end of the pier. It's gorgeous! Take a ride on the Ferris wheel ($7 per person) and take advantage of the great photo ops while on the ride! Don't forget to capture a great Chicago sky line photo op! 

ALSO: Take notice of the trains throughout the day. Places along the trip will be the overhead train track like the one Tris had to climb to jump the train right after choosing Dauntless. There will be great photo ops if you remember to listen for the train coming and get your camera ready quickly! ( Tris Climbs Up The Post To Get On The Platform To Catch The Train / W. Monroe Street At S. Wells Street)

Divergent Tour, Part 2

2. After exploring Navy Pier, we set off for the 2 mile trek to the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears tower.  Along the way, stop in Millennium Park. This is where Tris and Caleb talked. From the book, “… Now we just call it “Millenium”, and it is a stretch of bare land and several rusted metal sculptures– and it is a stretch of bare land and several rusted metal sculptures– one an abstract, plated mammoth, another shaped like a lima bean that dwarfs me in size…” (Divergent, p. 351) 

   This is a pretty park, and a nice half way point along your walk. In the Winter, there is an ice skating loop, but in the warmer months, you can find a cool spot and have a refreshment break. Be sure to take lots of photos with the gorgeous Cloud Gate (A.K.A. The Bean) as your backdrop! The buildings behind The Bean would be the Erudite headquarters. 

Traveling along, in Divergent, you will remember the Willis Tower being called "The Hub" which is this one! This is where the Choosing Ceremony takes place  It's a glorious sight and do yourself a favor, go to the Sky Deck and stand in the glass box, if you're feeling a little extra Dauntless! It's thrilling and scary at the same time! The cost is $19.50, and you have to go through long lines and security, but so worth it!  

Divergent Tour, Part 3

3. After you've explored "The Hub" and gawked at the gorgeous sights of Chicago through the floor to ceiling windows, be on your merry way to the John Hancock building. This is a 2 mile trek, but reaching the river and grab some great photos is a good half-ish way stop.   The John Hancock  building served as the place where Tris zip lined with other members of Dauntless. It's a beautiful building from the outside, but you can also go up to 360° Chicago observation deck.  Be sure to buy tickets online (saves hassle) at $19, it's worth it! More dynamic views of Chicago! 

Optional: The Merchant Mart (a couple of blocks over along the river) was featured in the second book as the Candor headquarters. It's a massive building, you can't miss it! If you're inclined to walk there, it will add some time to your day. OR, you can do as we did, and drive by it on your way out of the city! 

Divergent Tour, Part 4

4. Last leg of the tour, you're going to head back to Navy Pier. There isn't really anything Divergent along this route (pictured above), but it's the quickest way back to Navy Pier. IF you'd like to walk a bit more, you can walk down N. Michigan Ave, which is what street Tris takes to see her brother at Erudite. There is also major shopping happening, so if you're wanting to do a little retail therapy, this is the place!

And that's our Divergent Tour! We had plenty of stops and laughs along the way. It's a great way to explore Chicago AND show your Divergent fan-girl/boy side!  Be sure to click the PDF below and print out walking directions!

Divergent Tour, Chicago. Printable Walking Tour


  1. Awesome!!! I LOVE Divergent. Only a few weeks until Insurgent comes out!!

  2. Oh this is amazing! Great idea to put this together! www.eatallovertheworld.com


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