Oct 7, 2014

Things that get you unfollowed quick, fast and in a hurry.

 I love bloglovin', like- BIG LOVE. It's this website where you can "Follow" some one's blog, and everyday that they post, it will show up on your news feed! You can catch up on all your favorite blogger pals without having to click (and remember) every one's web address! Sounds like heaven right? Nope, not quite. There are things that make it a little too easy for you to follow someone.  Everyone uses their Bloglovin' in giveaways and I end up with almost 500 blogs that I'm following on Bloglovin'... that's just nuts!

So, this weekend, I've went in and created a couple different groups and sorted everyone in them. Did you know you could do this? It's super easy! You mouse over your photo, and click "Edit blogs you follow". I then created groups, and went down the list and filed everyone in! My groups are, Prayerful Bloggers, Daily Reads, Favorites, then left the Unsorted ones. This makes it sooooo much easier to keep up with your favorites! (you know you have favorites, too, don't kid yourself)

Now, as I'm going through the unsorted blogs,  I see quite a few blogs I don't remember off the top of my head. I click on their site, to you know, give them a fighting chance. My blog sorting was like Hunger Games style competition, and I had an itchy trigger...errrr.. mouse finger. There also may or may not have been Eye of the Tiger playing loudly in my head.  Anyway, there were quite a few trends I noticed that just grinds my gears and folks were quickly "Unfollowed" when the red flag would go up. This is what I call red flags:

  • Your name is NO WHERE on your blog. I'm sorry, but if it's not on your little bio blurb under your photo on the main page, that's a half red flag. And if I take the time to click on your "About Me" section, and your name STILL isn't on there, unfollow! I'm not going to want to leave comments and/or email you and not know your name.
  • If you don't have an email action button, OR if your email isn't on your "Contact" section of your blog... unfollow. I hate to find a really great blog, and want to email them, and I can't find an email! And FYI, the more I have to search for your email address, the less I actually want to email you. Make it easy for folks to get ahold to you! 
  • If you only post once every 3 months... unfollow. I understand everyone gets busy. Life seems to be going at 100mph for us all, and sometimes we just need a break, I feel ya on that. At the very least, leave your readers a post saying so! Don't just drop off the face of the earth, leaving your readers to wonder if you will ever come back to your blog!
  • Your blog becomes ALLLLL about one certain thing, it could be your kid, your pets, your job, I guess if there isn't any variety... unfollow. 
  • If you are a Negative Nancy on every.single.post... unfollow.
  • When your blog has so much ads, (company ads, not fellow blogger ads) that I can barely focus on your actual post... unfollow. I know people want to make money off of the ads, but if it's too cluttered then I won't even go to your blog much less click on the ads so you can get paid.
  • When your blog becomes nothing but a billboard, (When every post is trying to sell me something because companies want to use your blog as advertising)... unfollow.
  • Every post is either a giveaway or the posts that are shallow and only published so you can get more clicks, followers, views and pins on Pinterest... unfollow.
And that's about it! That's enough pet peeves, right? I know that sometimes, we get caught up in picking the right font for our blog, or posting the right pictures, and can forget the whole reason we started blogs in the first place. But, at the very least, put your name and email accessible for those that want to contact you!

Now, how's your day going? 


  1. i feel ya on the cluttered sidebars with ad after ad & the posts that are only giveaways or advertising for companies. i mean, it's cool to do a little bit of that... but when that's ALL the blog is, there's no real substance!

  2. i'm so there with you. I've been meaning to place my blog into groups but haven't gotten around to that item on my list! (By the way, I'm taking a few days off from posts - don't unfollow me) :-)

  3. I totally agree, especially the billboard problem! I hate sites that have too much advertising; it becomes too obvious that the blog is for-profit!

  4. Ugg, I agree! I hate when a blog looks so spammy! I purposely have no advertisements anywhere because for me I want people to enjoy my blog and not feel like they are going to get a virus. It's a classic problem of bloggers that sell out.
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. SHARING this post. I absolutely love it and say a big ole AMEN. I hate when people leave me shallow comments too just for a follow-back. That'd be one I'd add. lol.

  6. These are some very good points! And I checked each one to make sure I wasn't doing them. lol I don't think I am. I hate when people do too many sponsored posts or have ads everywhere! Also, I have a group on Bloglovin' for "Giveaway" where I put blogs I only follow from giveaways and I almost always click "Mark all as read" on that group. #SorryNotSorry

  7. haha you had me looking for where my email was - phew found it, right near my name haha. good post me dear :)

  8. I'm so glad I read this! I've recently done a blog redo (just getting back into it after awhile off and needed a fresh start) and forgot to put my email button up! Doing that right now =)

    Beth at LittleWorldCalledWonderland.blogspot.com


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