Oct 23, 2021

I forgot to tell you...

   I can't believe I haven't spilled the beans on this blog yet! So here you go... 

We're adopting!! 

We are about 2 months into waiting for a match. We could be matched with any domestic infant in the US at any time.  The paperwork process wasn't a joke! I rushed through it like a mad woman and it still took 2-3 months!  

So, I promise to update you more on this here blog. I am more active on my Instagram- @TheArtsyCajun if you want, or we made an account specifically for the adoption- @FindingBabyH

And if you'd like to help with our adoption funding, there are a few ways to do that- 

Order something from my etsy store-   The Artsy Cajun on Etsy
Order something from my Mercari store- JBHnat 
Donate using gofundme- Adoption Gofundme

Above all, we'd love your prayers while we try to wait patiently for the bebe God will send us. 

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