Aug 7, 2014

Confession- I am a journal hoarder

Can I just be real? I loveeeee journals. Love them. I was the kid that became so excited to buy new school supplies that I didn't care that it signaled the end of Summer freedom. Yeah, I was that girl. As an adult, it's still pretty exciting to stroll down the office supply aisle and find some sort of new fancy smancy pens or notebooks. Don't ask me why, it's just how I roll.

Now a days, the Mr. isn't exactly thrilled when I come home with yet another journal. Not so much me buying it that bugs him, but me buying it when I know good and well I have at least 3, or 10, empty ones I haven't even touched yet! I can't help it! Journals are my weakness!

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I filled a journal completely because I get so excited to start a new one! Growing up, I worried that my brothers would sneak in my room and read them. So I would try to write in code, Any of you ever tried this before? It may work at the time, but months and years down the road, you call yourself an idiot because you're reading pure gibberish. So then, I try to go all out and write down every thought. Reading over it, I think, "Oh man, my grandkids will think their grandma is a loser," and I start only hitting on the high points of life. Which isn't a true representation of life either.

My dear friend Charlene, over at From Bisons and Buckeyes, uses her journals to write down entire blog posts! Such a great idea for when you are on the go & only have your journal in your purse to keep you entertained!

So, at this point in my life, I have moved beyond all the journal games. I'm trying to match the journal word for word with what's in my head and my heart. I know that people may read them, and that's okay. I decided to be true, be me, at all costs. I've also learned that keeping separate bible study journals and a life journals is silly, so I've combined them. Looking back now, it's nice to see what I was studying in the bible, and how it's influencing what's going on in my life at that moment.

For now, my methods are working, and I'm happy to say, maybe I won't look like such a loser to the grandkids.

How do you journal?


  1. Haha, I am a journal hoarder, too! I always find cute ones and buy them and then I find another cute one and buy it and so on and so forth. I end up with A LOT. I started gifting them because I realized I had quite a few that were untouched.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, girl! As I was reading this I was thinking "me too" and thinking that guest post I wrote for you and then you mentioned it! Haha anyway, yeah I have way too many half-empty journals! And growing up, when my mom would go to Walmart for groceries, I wouldn't hang out in the toys or clothes sections... Nope! You could always find me with the school supplies! Love love love!

  3. I am a journal fanatic and believe you can never have too many journals. I've also started carrying a journal in my purse for ideas and the start of blog posts. I always start a new journal each year and sometimes they are full and others they are not. I've begun to combine some of my journals but still find I like having one for quotes and the other for my personal thoughts. Everyone has to find what works for them and sometimes it takes having a closet full of journals!

  4. Oh my goodness, I have so many journals too! And many of them are really used every day because I have at least one in my purse usually to write down random things- journal-y thoughts, blog ideas, calendar appointments, quotes or just things I want to remember. My journals are all mixed up with everything and that's just how I like it. It really represents my life and the fact that sometimes it's a little mixed up and haphazard, but it works perfectly for me!

  5. haha! i have a similar issue! you are beating me with that collection though haha

  6. Oh gosh, I'm a hoarder of journals too! So very many journals. I just never have enough time to write in them all!


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