Sep 25, 2013


Is it wrong that I keep singing the 867-5903 song to Ginny? I don't think so! She likes it! I'm trying to record her "Zombie Walk" because it is hilarious! I have to share it with y'all!  She gets excited and walks away from you, but she bends her body in half and turns her head around to look at you but tilts it to the side, it's hard to explain, but it's the most unnatural thing ever! She really does look like a zombie dog walking!

Her update: She's doing well! She's settled in the apartment and we have our routines down. She doesn't play. Like never plays with toys or anything. The most excitement we get is with the laser pointer- she chases it, but it's not a play chasing, it's like a catch and destroy type. She may walk by her toys and squeak them once or twice, then walks away. She's just a lazy Maw-Maw dog! Oh, and if we've been out running errands and come back in, she gets super excited and her whimper sounds like her squeak toys, but it's a massive lick attack  for about 5 minutes. SO I know there is excitement at times, but most of the time, she just wants to be pet and cuddled and loved...every second of the day. She will nudge your hand if you stop and if you don't' continue, she walks away! I mean, is this lady a diva or what? Ha!

She also is super smart and knows when something is different. Like the night that I turned off the ceiling fan... this is what happened ALL NIGHT when she passed through the living room or even thought about the fan...

It's hard with adoptions, because you don't really know what they have been though. Maybe she was punished with her previous owners about chewing on things or playing, so she doesn't do it now. We're not sure, but we love her the way she is... diva attitude and all!

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