Jan 2, 2014

Travel Resolutions 2014

Did you make travel resolutions to go along with your other resolutions? Why not? Just GO! Don't eat out all the time, do you really need that new dress? or shoes? No? Then save your moolah and just GO! Book a flight and hotel and GO! Explore this fabulous world of ours! It's the only way money buys happiness!

If you have read my previous post, then you will know we decided to not make resolutions, but instead, live by a chosen word. My word was "Relax" while the Mr.'s word is "Reconnect". HOWEVER, I want to make travel resolutions for this year!  We want to travel more. It's not a daily battle against the travel bug, maybe weekly, and even more so when 8" of snow is on the ground and I need to run errands! And while I have about three visits to my family in Louisiana planned out, I need to plan other things especially since we live so close to Chicago! It seems this is the Atlanta of the Midwest as far as decent priced flights.  
  So, I'm working on our travel resolutions for this year.
  • Visit Mexico, some resort or villa.
  • Take our very first cruise. It may be a short one until we know we like it! (Images of the broken cruise ships of the past year flood my mind when I think of cruises)
  • Travel to Georgia for my best friend's wedding! (This is a must, but I thought I'd throw it in there)
  • Visit Kansas when my brother gets settled in.
  • Niagara Falls!
  • We have the annual fishing trip in Wisconsin.
  • Be a tourist in Chicago!

I think all goals are pretty easy, and if we plan it right, I don't see a reason we can't accomplish them all this year!

Do you guys have any travel resolutions for 2014?


  1. Thanks for inspiring me. I need to make a travel resolution list. I know I want to take 3 trips in 2014 so I should do something like this so I don't lose focus of my goals.

  2. We're heading to NYC, DC, and Gettysburgh in April. I'm so excited because I've never visited anywhere on the east coast before!

  3. I love your travel resolutions! I need to make a goal to go on a trip soon :P

  4. Travel is always on my list, and I have yet to really fulfill it! But I will have a honeymoon this year that will be a for sure trip :)

  5. I didn't make Resolutions.. I made a few "goals". I wish that I could make some Travel plans. While I'm not fancy, I will say that I would love to just get in the car, pack for a weekend trip, and just head towards the mountains (GA, TN.. in my heart I would love to go to Savannah), and just stop when we couldn't drive anymore. Pick out a quaint hotel and crash there. The next day I would love to explore, go to antique shops and just see what the town has to offer. That just sounds like so much fun to me! Happy New Year Lovely! XOXO

  6. These are great! Happy travels.

  7. I love your travel goals! Mine are so out there that I doubt I'll get to half of them but yours are realistic and I hope you have wonderful trips!!!!!

  8. The only one of those I've really done is explored Chicago. I feel like we've done that semi-thoroughly. And I'm not yet sure if cruises would actually be fun or not--I've heard a lot of great stories and a lot of horror stories too... haha!


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