Oct 25, 2013

DIY Zombie Makeup

Halloween is around the corner, folks! This Halloween, Husband has to work, so we won't be able to do any ghoulish festivities. But let me tell you about last Halloween. We were still on Oahu, and someone had heard about a Zombie Pub Crawl in Honolulu. We just had to go! I wasn't into the drinking aspect, but to dress up like zombies and participate in the "crawl" portion was fun! We saw tons of other zombies unnaturally making their way down the closed down streets... it was spooky!  To participate, you had to dress like a zombie, so I started thinking of ways to do your makeup. Clothing was easy, just get some clothes you didn't like and put fake blood, dirt, and rip them a bit. But the makeup was a challenge. Turns out, Husband had a cheap vampire makeup kit from the Halloween before, so I was determined to work with what I had.

Let me share this DIY Zombie Makeup with you guys!
It was fairly easy. The rest of my costume was a bimbo, so I did the makeup of how I'd look before I turned into a zombie. Next,  I put a couple of base layers down of this blueish grayish color and dusted with baby powder in between because, I don't know if you know this, but Honolulu is humid! I didn't want this hard work to sweat off!

After the base layers are dry for about 5 minutes, I took the black crayon that came with the kit and did a little deathly contouring to my face. Cheek bones protrude, nose, and forehead a little, then dusted with baby powder again. I don't know if you guys ever used the $2 cheap vampire makeup kits they have, but all of it is oil based. I didn't want to be shiny since I wanted my face to look like decaying flesh... I know this sounds absolutely disgusting to describe, but we had excellent zombie faces!

Now, I needed a gash or scratch or bite area where I would've been "infected" by another zombie. For this, I used the clear Elmer's glue you bought as a elementary school child, and drum roll please.... toilet paper! I applied a layer of glue to my face, then toilet tissue, and waited a few seconds for it to be tacky, then more glue. You can play with it a bit to make a cut or just a big chunk missing from your face. Once you get it the way you want, you have to let it dry out for about 30 minutes or so. Or do like me and use the hair dryer because you're not patient enough! Remember to switch off to the cool setting of the hair dryer every few seconds, you don't want the rest of your makeup to run!

 After that, I just thought about where a zombie would bruise when dying... gross thinking... I know. SO I added bruise like colors to those areas.

Once dry, add the base color and set it with the baby powder and then start adding the blood/bruised colors! I used the red crayon for this, as well as fake blood.

This was lots of fun, check out our pictures! I also had Husband and our friend Joe as my victims and made up their faces too! Husband was the redneck zombie and Joe our mechanic zombie!

What's your favorite Halloween costumes? Have a great weekend!

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