Nov 4, 2013

Weekly wishes

Today, I do a little recap of our Sunday and then share my weekly wishes with you guys! So after church, we found this adorable café called Egg Harbor Café.
It's downtown, which made parking a bit of a nightmare, AND a 30 minute wait to be seated... but it was so worth it!
Not only is it decked out with chickens and rooster décor from top to bottom, it has this nice homey feel. I love that about restaurants! So I had the mini skillet with... get this... banana bread French toast! Yummo!

I recently found this weekly wishes link up hosted by The Nectar Collective and thought it was such a nice way to put your wishes, AKA my to do list, up and share it with others! You never know when you will find another blog-mate who has the same goals as you do and you will become blog friends! I love new blog friends! So here goes my weekly wishes:

1. Compose and schedule all blog posts for the week so I can spend quality time with the Mr. and NOT glued to my computer.

2. Get all Etsy orders out and create more product since I will close the store for 2 weeks. Hey, a girl has to recharge her creative juices every once in a while! Taking a small break does that for me!

The Nectar Collective

3. Plan and shop for our Thanksgiving meal. I think it'll have to be before Thanksgiving day due to  the Mr.'s weird work schedule, but that's okay. We make things work!

4. Decorate for Christmas! I'm sorry for those of you who don't agree, but putting up decorations to bring the true spirit of Christmas into our home is so important to me. And I will need longer than from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day to have the decorations up!

5. Rejoice in the scriptures as much as possible. I have a lot of different books going on right now, and I think I'll cut down on all but one. Books like, The Love Dare, God's Little Devotional, Woman After God's Own Heart, and my She Reads Truth email comes every single morning. It's just too much to read and try to apply all of the messages at once much less do bible study on books I want to study personally! I'm thinking, I do my study plus ONE book until I finish that one, and THEN pick up another.... sounds like a plan, right?

What are some of your weekly wishes? And how long do you keep up your Christmas decorations? Comment below!


  1. Hello! stopping by from weekly wishes link-up :) I definitely try to plan out my posts as much as possible because I find that spending a chunck of time to do that leaves the rest of the week open to spend time with my loved ones! Which I thoroughly enjoy :)

    I love Christmas! But I leave the decorating and festivities of watching Christmas movies etc until after Thanksgiving. I find this allows me to enjoy Thanksgiving and all of it's meaning before I jump forward to Christmas. To each their own though! I don't really like Halloween so I kinda skip over that and focus on Thanksgiving :)

  2. Ah, I love Christmas!! It's such a joyful time of the year :) enjoy!

  3. ummm did I just read banana bread french toast!!!! WOWOWOW! YUM!!! I really want to mention this to the hubby but I just know he'll be like...well, are you making it!! haha. What a great find!

    We put our decorations up 1st December but I sooo want to put the tree up soon, it just seems like its over too quickly otherwise and looking at all the decorations - your right - it really gets you in the festive spirit!!!

  4. What a great list I hope you can get it all done!! Shopping is high in my list as I don't want to get caught in the holiday shopping crowd.


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