Jan 7, 2014

DIY Souvenir Coin Display

If you are like me, you like to collect something besides pictures on your travels. My go to collection is coins. I like the ones that you stretch a penny and it imprints a design on it. But, I also like the different country coins. During our Europe trip, we visited many countries, and it was fast paced. So we didn't have time to hash out a plan, we would just automatically keep whatever coins we had.
 After putting this together, the Mr. commented that this was probably more money than we needed to keep, but it does make a rather nice heart!

This is how I did it.

I picked out two pieces of cute scrapbook paper. I had these on hand, but you can purchase them anywhere really, and they are, on average, about fifty cents a piece.

Next, I arranged the coins how I liked them on the table. It took me about 20 minutes to do this, since I am a tad OCD, but it had to be cool sides up!

After arranging them, I put the paper next to it, and using Tacky Glue I picked up one coin at a time, dabbed a bit of glue, and placed it on the paper. I did the outlining coins first then the middle coins to make sure I was centered of the paper. I'm sure you could use a ruler and measure to see where your design needs to go, but I just eye-balled it.

OK, I have to pause a minute to tell you that after a day, glue was completely dry, and the heavy coins did want to come off the paper when I tried to pick it up. If you are using all heavy coins, I'd suggest some sort of stronger glue, maybe even just plain Crazy Glue.

So after gluing all coins down, I set a heavy book on top of it and let it dry overnight. Then, I measured the paper against the advertisement insert that came with the picture frame. I used double sided tape, and made sure they were securely taped to each other.

You CAREFULLY put it in the frame just incase the weight of the coins tear the paper. I added a little "Travel" paper and taped it to a 5 Euro bill for the top and voila! Your unique way to display travel coin souvenirs! If any of you do this, I would love to see your photos in the comments below!

Question: What do you collect while traveling?


  1. Oh that is soo cute! I have some coins laying around here that I got from other places. Not enough to make this but its a great idea for the future. And so easy too!

  2. what a great idea! i have a box full of foreign coins so i am gonna try this!

  3. THis is susch a great idea! i have so many foreign coins that I dont know what to do with :)

  4. Visiting from the blog hop :-) This is adorable! What a fun way to display and enjoy your collection.
    I know a lot of people do this, but we've started collecting magnets from places we visit. Our fridge is already filling up with little trinkets from trips we take!

  5. That's fun!!! You're super crafty!

  6. Awww... It turned out cute! :-) What a fun collection!

  7. I LOVE this idea! I have a German Stein full of foreign coins that I've collected, and it's getting pretty full! This would be a great way to do something cool with some of them :) Thanks for sharing!


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