Jul 21, 2014

Weekly Wishes, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Happy Monday, folks! I know, I know... Monday's are never really happy, but hey, you are alive! That's always a good thing, right? Sheeeeeyeahhhh!

So today, as all Mondays, I link up with The Nectar Collective to bring you my weekly wishes. This is just a way to hold me accountable for things/goals I need/want to do this week. Sort of puts a time limit on your to do list!

The Nectar Collective

Also, I'm going to be threading in my instagram pics from last week. Might as well share those with you while you read!

Last week's wishes were:
1. Still working on taking more pictures to share with you guys! I haven't come up with a plan on a post for this yet. I would like to do the picture a day, but how to share it and on what days hasn't focused in my mind so far. I know there are other link parties to do this, but I don't know if I want to join them or what. We will see what I come up with next week! Didn't take many pictures or come up with a plan to share them! Boooooooo on me! I've decided to share any photo's I've instagrammed on here with you today! Why not finish out last week with the photos? Sounds like a plan! 

2. Haven't emailed my church yet about being baptized. No excuse, just haven't done it yet! Hopefully this week. Still haven't completed this one. I know, I know! What's my excuse? Don't have one!  Winner winner chicken dinner! I have emailed them. I haven't received a response as of today, but I know I will! I feel like I just need to make this gesture as a re-commitment to our Lord. My whole life, I know, in my mind that Jesus loves me, but I feel like that was auto-pilot. This is me, as an adult, choosing to follow the straight and narrow. My life has been through so many twists and turns, I know that I had to go through certain situations to bring me to where I am today. I get it. I'm not mad about it, but it's time to put all of that behind me, and all of the doubting what God's plans are for me, just everything behind me and start anew. Sounds like something awesome is about to happen, right?!!?!?!? 
3. Blog like a mad woman! We have a week vacation coming up in August, and I have a ton, well, maybe not a ton, more like 25 blog topics I've saved in my draft folder that I need to share with y'all or I'll explode! One is my new work space area and a easy peasy DIY on recovering chairs!  This is on-going until I leave for vacation. I'm happy to say I have one week blogged and scheduled! Baby steps, but it's getting there! The travel posts I have coming up about our European tour is what takes forever with all of the photo watermarking! It's worth it, though, so I'm gonna keep truckin' along! I think we are up to Day 10, but the best is yet to come! Italy was a great time! 

Yay for completing all 3! Woop!

This week's wishes are going to be easy,

1. Continue blogging and scheduling posts for the month. (but what blogger EVER feels like they are blogging enough, am I right?)

2. DIVE into my bible morning and night! I feel like the morning bible study sessions are awesome because it really puts me in the right mindset to handle the rest of the day. Although, at night, as soon as I lay my head down, all of the worries, thoughts, plans, and feelings have to run around in my mind, preventing me from falling right asleep! Hopefully, if I dedicate an hour to bible study right before bed, I can just concentrate on that and sleep like a baby!

3. Start making lists! This week is to prep for the vacation. I need to make grocery lists of things we will need while we are at the lake, as well as packing lists so I don't forget anything! I am notorious for forgetting if it's not written down, so this is the only way everything will be taken care of. Sucks getting older!

4. Comment! I am the worst blogger when it comes to this. To my fellow bloggers, I read your posts, I really do. And most of the time, I think the comment in my head and the move along BEFORE I actually type out the comment! I am terribly sorry about this! I promise to really focus and make sure to leave you comments of encouragement each and every time I stop by your blog! AND... I've been having all sorts of trouble with my Google + profile switching me to a no-reply blogger! I've converted back to the regular blogger profile, so hopefully this will work. But please, never hesitate to tell me when anything is wrong!

And finally, 5. This is a big one, folks. I have been so inspired lately. More and more bloggers are just putting their faith and beliefs out there on blast. I love it! But, I have been so worried that if I post too much faith based posts, that I will loose readers, or offend someone. I am a people pleaser, so I tried to be very limited on my faith posts. I can say now, especially that I will be re-committing myself and my life to my savior, that there will be more and more faith posts on here. I know, almost for a fact, that I will loose readers. And that's okay with me. I won't hold it against you. It's not every one's cup of tea, and I am really not going to be upset about it. I just think that y'all come here to see what I'm up to, to read about me and my life, and this is a huge part of it already and will only continue to be even bigger part everyday. So, if this is your last time reading due to this, I thank you for putting up with me this long! :) I will be sad to see you go, but to each his own!

WHEW! That was a bigger post than originally thought! Still, I'm glad I told you guys about my big plans coming up!

Did you check out my favorite post from last week about Bratislava to Vienna? See it here!  

How do you hold yourself accountable to complete weekly goals? I need all of your tips and thoughts! Comment below! 

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  1. Girl, blog about what YOU want to. Your readers will stick with you :)


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