Aug 5, 2014

Covering cork boards with fabric

  Hey y'all! Let me show you a super easy way to spruce up your work space! Ok, the worst part about this DIY is.... having to go to IKEA. Or, I should say, having to go to IKEA and not walking out with millions of things but just cork boards! I adore that store! Actually, you can get the cork boards from whereever you find them, but at least with this DIY, you can tell your Hubs you just have to go to IKEA for the right material! Wink wink, nudge nudge.

OK, so supplies you will need,

1/2 yard fabric of your choice
3 cork boards
Staple gun & staples

Let me say that I used a staple gun, like the heavy duty ones. I'm pretty sure you could just use a regular stapler or even a strong glue, like E-6000 if you wanted. I just used the heavy duty stapler because I knew I'd be using these as memo boards and I wanted to make sure that fabric stayed right where I put it.

Now, basically lay out the fabric on the floor, good side up. I placed the cork boards where I wanted them, and traced around them with a pencil.

Next, I took the scissors and cut 2 inches away from the cork circle. You want to give yourself 2 inches of fabric that will be wrapping around the back of the board. Make sense?

Then, I put the fabric, good side facing down, and centered the cork board on top. I started stapling on one side, and went directly to the other side and pulled tight. I continued this process of pulling, folding and stapling all the way around. This doesn't have to be perfect, as you can tell from the messy back of mine. No one will see it, unless you do a blog post...

Ginny getting needy for attention...

And there you have it! I just used a small nail and nailed those babies directly to the wall. I also use my sewing straight pens as thumbtacks, but you can really use whatever you want.

This was so easy and cheap! It can make a big impact on your space with minimal damage to your wallet! The best part is, I can always change the fabric when I get tired of this one.

What easy and cheap ways have you found to decorate your nest? Comment below!


  1. Oh how fun. Easy and cute decorations!

  2. I love them! They turned out beautifully. And Ikea!...I totally agree. It's is a wonderful place :)


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