Jun 19, 2015

Spring-ish cleaning

NO secret that if you have a chronic illness, your going to not have the energy or good days as normal folk. And it's also no secret after hibernating in Chiberia all Winter, your house is screaming for a good spring cleaning.

Those two do not go together! But I have such determination, that my Spring cleaning has been delayed due to lack of energy & good days. So it's more like Spring-ish through Summer-ish cleaning! It's taking for-evvv-errrrr  But that's not going to stop me!

And to make it so I remember what I've done, and what I need to do, I scoured pinterest for a specific cleaning list... and y'all, it's awesome!

Click here to download it from LittleBooBoo.com

This gal made me so happy! Ashley, you're awesome!

I am plotting & planning on what I'm going to do on what days, and I can't wait to have a freshly deep cleaned house... ya know, whenever my body allows it, OR whenever the Mr. is able to help me, ahemmmm hint ahemmmm!

Do you Spring clean? Does it help you keep a tidy house? Give me all your tips & tricks to save time & energy!


  1. I really should pin this... but the anti-cleaner is saying DONT DO IT :) haha

  2. I may have to borrow this check list too!

  3. Summer is my cleaning time as well. During the school year I always have good intentions, that always fall flat. Summers are for relaxing and cleaning. This summer we have to be done earlier than usual, because we have family coming into town in the middle of July. I better get started soon! :)

  4. This is a great list! I'm going to have print this and start checking this off. :)


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