Aug 23, 2016

My Book List While Waiting for Adoption

  These are the books I'm reading to "Try" to prep me for motherhood via foster to adoption. Since I don't know boy or girl, or even age, I can't know exactly what to prepare for! It's open season here, folks!
  So, I just thought I'd read everything I could get my book worm hands on. This may be a couple of installments, but here are the first ones for now...

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
  This book is amazing! It's so interesting to see what the American culture is becoming. In my opinion, it isn't looking pretty! When going through the Foster Care classes, you have to come up with a loose parenting plan... how you will discipline, punish, etc. Since we won't know age/sex of the placement we will get, we decided to come up with a VERY broad plan. We knew we didn't want to raise an entitled child. Granted, I think each generation is spoiled a little more than the previous, but lately, it seems to have jumped about 10 generations with the spoiledness of kids I see in the stores!
   The book paints a picture of how American kids compared to other kids around the world and it's mind blowing! I'm determined to raise a well-rounded kid, even if the first precious years were hard for them... I think I can, I think I can!

                                                          book cover

Next up is Keeping Your Kids on God's Side by J. Warner Wallace
  Great book! I'm highlight up a storm in it. I know that the children we may have, (even if only for a short time) may not have heard about Jesus or God or even been inside of a church previously. Maybe, we will be starting from scratch in their faith. I know we will have to answer the basic questions about God, which I'm prepared for. What I'm not prepared for, however, is the really hard questions, such as, "If God is good, why do bad things happen?" Yeah, those gut-punching questions where you have absolutely no idea where to start explaining! This book will give you the answers that they will understand. I'm pretty sure I'll be pulling this book out and having it ready for each of the God discussions!

                                                               Beat Sugar Addiction Now! for Kids: The Cutting-Edge Program That Gets Kids Off Sugar Safely, Easily, and Without Fights and Drama

Beat Sugar Addiction Now for Kids by Jacob Teitelbaum & Deborah Kennedy
  Again, we won't know where these children are in terms of age, but I'm pretty sure no one was concerned with their sugar intake. Along with the majority of America, folks just give kids the "Kiddie" types of cereals and snacks.
   After watching a documentary  on Netflix called Fed Up, I've cut out 95% of my sugar intake. Please, go watch it, it will blow your mind!  Besides special occasions, I try to steer clear of sugar by not buying it.
   Now, picture in your mind, we get a child where nutrition wasn't top priority, and their daily sugar intake is probably through the roof. And now picture how many big people emotions they will be going through in the upcoming weeks. Finally, add me trying to get them off a sugar addiction.... yeah, it's not looking pretty!
  I pray that this book will help us transition them off sugar easily.


20 Teachable Virtues by Barbara C. Unell and Jerry L. Wyckoff
  Practical Ways to Pass on Lessons of Virtue and Character to Your Children book? Yes, please! The virtues they present in this book are so valuable. Every child should have an opportunity to learn these and apply them in their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes a child may not have had that opportunity to learn anything in a rough home life. You bet I will try my hardest to teach them everything I can for the time I have them.

All of these books I have purchased with my own money, (they're not a review for a publisher) and I plan on keeping & referring to them often throughout the years!

Do you have any other parenting books that made a difference in your child's life? Comment below! I need all the advise I can get!

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