Sep 14, 2016

Spring Favorites... yeah, I'm extremely late!


 Happy first days of Summer almost Fall! (You can tell how long this draft has been sitting & not published? SPRING! Oopsies!)

  I never really appreciated Summer like I should've. Growing up in the South, (lived between Georgia & Louisiana all throughout childhood) the official first day of Summer didn't mean much because it was already scorching hot from March 1st! Especially Louisiana, the days when it felt like your face was melting off your head, yeah that happened faster than you wanted!

  Now, living in the North, I wait for Spring & Summer all throughout the brutal Winter! Now that it is almost over, I thought I'd share some of my favs! I love reading about other people's favorite things, so I thought I'd share some of my own, but more like a recap of the previous season. Sound good? Here is what I loved during Spring & Summer...

Website:  I could stay on this site forever! SO many interesting articles to read, so little time.

Book of Joshua Cover Begins September 5th

Bible Study: Women Living has a read through the bible program where you aren't pressured to participate in groups or Instagram sharing if you don't want to. I've been involved in this study for about a year now, and it's fantastic! Courtney really makes it easy to slow down when you're reading your bible by color coding the scripture. It works! And the inspiration from Instagram hash tags is fantastic! You should join us!

                       Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry       Giant Blueberry

Home Life:  So the previous owners of our home were pretty great at landscaping. And that's something that we don't have experience in! Thankfully we just have to upkeep what they had, but I wanted to plant some things, you know, to make it feel like it's really ours.
  I stumbled upon Michigan Bulb Company website and promptly fell in love! Y'all, this site has everything you need! It's so easy. You type in your zip code,  it tells you what zone you're in, then directs you to plants & flowers that are for your area! Amazing! I ordered some bulbs & plants for the Fall. Michigan Bulb Co. even waits until it's time to plant them to ship them to you! I ordered blueberry and blackberry bushes, too! Oh yes, I envision many fruit crisps & yummy things to come from those bushes!

AND- we just completed an amazing transformation of our living room! I'll sneak a photo in here now, but come back in a week or so for a tutorial so you can have your very own wall o' shelves!

Hydrating Body Wash-Purely Coconut
Beauty Product: Everyday Coconut Fair Trade Body Wash. This stuff is soooooo awesome! You guys know that since I'm on so much medicine, the doctors have said to cut out all toxic/chemical things to help give my liver a chance since I will be on these medications for the rest of my life. Enter-  EWG skin deep site & researching everything phase! Which lead me to throw out all of our bad products. That's pretty harsh for someone who LOVES bath products!
  After searching for a while, I found this one. It is great for your skin AND it smells like real coconuts, not the perfumy type of smell most "Coconut" products have. Not to mention, I bought it off of If you haven't checked out Thrive, do it NOW! They have really great, hard to find products at dollars below any other store or website that I've found! Plus, you get 20% off your first order, so stock up!

  Phew, published this post in the nick of time since Summer is almost over! Time just gets away from you when you're trying to settle in a new home. I'm working hard to get a mini-home tour post up so you guys can see our first home! Ekk! I'm so excited to show it to you!  Be on the look out for that!

Question- What is your favorite Spring (or Summer) item this year? Comment below!

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