Oct 15, 2013

Beginning of the trip,

Before leaving, we researched all tour groups and found Expat Explore to be the one we liked the best! Reviews were good, a well rounded company that's not just an elderly tour group or the young booze cruise types. And we were right! Our tour guide, Ty, was AWESOME! I mean, you trust this person to not only explore with you and show you everything and keep it fun, but also to keep you safe and let you know where there is potential for pick pockets and such. He went above and beyond for our tour and I can't wait to see him when he visits the US next year! You should check out the tours- We did the "Comfort" tours- not as much bars and more comfy stays! We also had the most wonderful people in our tour group! This was our first picture!

The beginning of our trip started out of Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. From there, we flew overnight into Heathrow, which put us at morning rush hour- big mistake! We found a guy selling express train tickets to where we needed to be clear on the other side of London, so we bought the expensive tickets, but hey, when you're jetlagged you just want to get to your bed! We found a Hostel across the street from where we were to meet up with our group at 6am the next morning, so we just crashed that night. Sorry no pictures! It wasn't a bad hostel, a lot of young travelers and pretty cool little café on the first floor, plus it was about $20 US dollars a night so that worked for us! This is the map for the whole trip-

Next morning, we walked across the street to meet up in the parking lot AKA car park. It was cold, rainy, and not to mention, with my 35 pound pack and new hiking boots combined with slick old cobblestone, I fell. I fell forward and caught myself with my hands. But the impact so hard that as I hit the ground, my left hand looked so unnatural. The pinky had come back and touched my wrist! SOOOO MUCH PAIN and we hadn't even STARTED the trip yet! UGH! Like I said, it was cold and rainy so I didn't need to ice it- just took my glove off! (more on this injury when we get to Germany)

SO we meet our bus and start driving. The first couple of days, from what I remember, was mostly driving. We drove from London through Bruges and onto Amsterdam for the night. We stopped along the way at the famous fishing village Voldendam, then went to the windmill village of Saanse Schans, who makes the cute wooden shoes! The place also made the best cheese so we picked up a log of it. And that log of cheese caused us to get pulled aside at EVERY security  checkpoint from the airports!

The night ended with a guided walking tour of Amsterdam's Red Light District. Now, let me stop here because I have been sheltered my whole life. Yes, people would drink around me occasionally when I was younger, but never drugs. I've never, nor will I ever, experiment with drugs. Some people do, and I understand that- to each his own. But- if you are like me, Amsterdam at night is not the place for you! To say I was uncomfortable was an understatement! Not only where there people on drugs and or drunk around you walking all over the streets, most of them didn't speak English so no idea what in the world they were saying! It's just not every one's cup of tea.

Once we got back to the hotel I was exhausted! And this was just the first couple of days! Enjoy the pictures below, and see you soon for Germany!

 It's pretty had to sit on a wooden shoe!

THE best waffles I've ever had in my life!


Have you guys ever had vacations start off in a horrible injury sort of way? I'd love to hear about it! Comment below!

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  1. Thankfully I have never been injured on vacation but I have been sick before. It blows. Also it's still looks like an unforgettable trip and those waffles looks yummers!!


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