Sep 27, 2014

Europe Tour, Day 14, From Florence to Pisa to Nice!

Continuing our Europe Trip from 2013, 
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Expat Explore had this to say, "Day 14: Visit Pisa and Nice, Under the Tuscan morning sun, you will depart Montecatini Terme, in search of stunning coastlines, the rich and famous, and a holiday spirit. Your destination?...the French Riviera! However before saying ohh la la to France you will spend some time visiting one of the most iconic landmarks of Italy - the Leaning Tower of Pisa! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the neighbouring cathedral, cemetery and baptistry, this 56m, 840 year old Bell tower draws millions of visitors from all over the globe, namely for one thing...To have their picture taken pretending to push the tower back up! So get creative, get into position - these snaps are always the most memorable. (Make sure you share your favorites on our Facebook page!) After a scenic drive through the last of the Italian countryside, you cross the border into France. Bonjour French Riviera! You have arrived! Having made it to the South of France, you will see one of the most picturesque strips of coast in the world, where the ocean laps the shore, and it’s holiday season all year around. After dinner, why not head into town to join the locals in one of the many bars and restaurants."

We leave the Tuscan region and head to Nice, France! This drive was a long one, but we had a break in Pisa. The tour guide challenged everyone to come up with a more original picture idea other than just trying to push the tower over, I think we did pretty well, yeah?

We hung out here for a couple of hours while our coach driver took his mandatory break. It was a gorgeous day, so some of us were leaning up against the wall or sitting on the grass, eating an over-priced hot dog, and talking about everything we could think of.   I will say this, watch the vendors. We wanted to buy some of our brothers shot glasses, so we picked out cool looking leaning Pisa ones. The guy takes our money, and turns so his back is to us, and "wraps" up our glasses, handing us the bag. We don't think anything of it. Turns out, when we are repacking our bags that night, I looked and instead of the cool leaning ones, he gave us cheap plain ones! I know it was only a couple of dollars, but it burns me up when people do that! We are there, giving you our business when there are about 10 other vendors set up right next to you, and you do this? Bleh! 

We headed out after the break was over, all comparing photos and excited about seeing the French Rivera!  I believe this day, we stopped over at the Fragonard's perfumery for a tour. I thought we would really get to see something, but it was set up a little like a gimmick. We did see a couple of rooms, but no one was working on anything. And after the little spin around the building, they left us to buy perfumes. I have to say, these perfumes were really really good! And of course they had deals where if you buy so many bottles, they are discounted, so a couple of us got together and purchased some. I just  ran out of mine and was a bit sad! Oh well, we will have to go back to France for more! 
Yes, that is a perfumery, on a mountain side, by the ocean. :)

We also passed through Monaco, the smallest little country. The homes were more like castles, and we did see their castle! It was such a beautiful site. They had an optional excursion to go to a casino in Monaco for the night. The Mr. went, I stayed to rest. At this point, I was beyond exhausted and knew that the next day, a free day in Nice, I would want to explore. It's all about knowing your limits here. 

At almost sunset, we finally arrived in Nice. Driving through town was beyond gorgeous. They were setting up for Carnival, so everything was buzzing! The buildings were beautiful, the beach was beautiful, so much history and I couldn't wait to explore this town the following day, when we had a free day!  That night, however, some of the members were going with our tour leader to a casino in Monaco! I stayed back because I knew I wanted to rest for the next day- a free day in Nice! Come back soon to check it out! (Yes, I'm really focused on getting all of the trip down, and we're only about half way!)

What are you guys up to this weekend? Comment below!


  1. I used to live in France, and I vacationed in Nice several times. I can't wait to hear what you thought of it!


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