Dec 2, 2014

Currently... The snowflake edition

Making: Quilts upon quilts, pictures to come after Christmas since these are presents.  
Cooking: Dirty Rice, baking lots of chicken and going to attempt to make my favorite yeast rolls but using wheat flour. 
Clicking: The post black Friday sales, not many out there, but hopefully I can get a jump on next year's Christmas! 
Drinking: Coffee, yo.
Reading: Flight of the Sparrow, check out this Winter Reading List Linkup I made and join us!  
Wanting: To have my blog(s) posts scheduled to publish for the rest of the year! I'm still determined to make this happen so I am free to enjoy the holidays! I know most people go on a blog-cation and stop blogging throughout the holidays, but I don't want to leave you guys for that long! (Still working hard at this one!)
Playing: T-Swift's new album! I'm late in the game, but I love this girl!
Wishing: For warmer weather, but no such luck. My wishes have no power.  
Enjoying: These new fleece lined leggings I purchased! I'll admit, in my house, when no one is over, leggings ARE pants. 
Waiting: For warmer weather! Since it's just beginning of the Chiberia season, I have a long wait. 
Liking: All of this Christmas cheer I'm seeing everywhere! Put those decorations up ANY time you want!  
Wondering: How to get all blog posts and items scratched off my to-do list... 
Loving: The Artic white hot chocolate my Mom sent me! That stuff is sooooo delicious! 
Needing: A new sweater for Ginny. The one she has is fleece, and poor girl gets shocked all the time! 
Smelling: LAVENDERRRR! All day, every day. 
Wearing:  Leggins for pants, and an oversized t-shirt... yep, it's a comfy day today. 
Following:  All of my new bloggie friends! I absolutely LOVE the Prayerful Bloggers group of ladies! 
Noticing: Ginny is one lazy puppy! She is awake maybe 4 hours of the day!  
Watching: Finishing the show Chuck on Netflix. It's a pretty awesome show! I totally should've been a spy in a previous life! 
Obsessing over: That hot chocolate, it's that good!
Shopping for: Little stocking stuffers for next year.  
Learning: I am determined to clear my schedule and get started on the first class towards my Theology Degree! (Yep, that has been pushed back until the first of the year when things slow down)
Wasting time on: Trying to clear out my emails. It's a never ending process, and why do I need my inbox to zero anyway? 
Praying for: My Doctor to figure out what's zapping my energy and making me feel pain all the time! (Well, it's Fibromyalgia and we are working on my treatment plan!)
Working on: Stocking my Etsy Shop and letting folks know when things will be back in stock after the holidays! 
Looking forward to: All of the love and fun holiday times that are coming! Also, I broke down and ordered the She Reads Truth Advent study and I simply cannot wait to dive into that study!  It's so easy to forget the "Reason for the Season" with so much to do, but hopefully, with this study, I will be able to submerse myself in the reason, and go into the new year with better bible study habits!  

What are YOU currently up to? Choose one or a couple and comment below! 


  1. I cant wait to see your quilts!!!
    I'm even later to the game - I asked my parents to get me the Taylor Swift CD so I'll be REALLY behind getting into the jams ;)

  2. I have the same need to zero out my inbox. It drives me crazy if all the stuff isn't in folders! It's pretty much the only thing in my life that's organized. I love that you are trying to get ahead with your posts. I'm doing the same!

  3. I'm currently trying to graduate from uni. Still have couple exams and my masters thesis to finish but it's getting closer and closer.

  4. I eat to see those quilts. Can't wait!! :) I didn't know you had a shop! Checking that out now! I'm SO with you on the getting my post schedule so I can enjoy the holidays!! Yes!


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