May 15, 2013

Firmoo Free Glasses Review

I am one of the unfortunate people to be blessed with horrible eye sight. Glasses and contacts have been my life for the last 11 years, and a real pain. Out of the two, I prefer contacts just because you can actually see your eye makeup, and face it, no matter what, you always know that something is on your face! It makes for a difficult time laying on the couch, watching TV while trying to cuddle your husband. Many people sing the praises of Lasik surgery, but I just can't bring myself to it. Lasers in your eye? Meh, no thanks! 

With these horrible eyes of mine comes with the cost of said contacts and glasses. Mine tend to run about $150-$200 and only last at most 6 months because I am too rough and they break. So, when I came across these "Free Glasses" offers on Facebook, I was excited but hesitant. A few friends had good experiences with one company, but I could never find a pair of free glasses that I actually liked. So I decided to check out Firmoo after hearing about it on another blog site. They had a huge selection of free glasses, I was encouraged!  I just needed to get a few things in order before processing. After getting a print out of my prescription from the eye doctor, and a little awkward ruler-to-the-face measuring from the Husband, I had all the necessary measurements needed. Ordering was super simple.  The hardest part was picking out the pair of glasses I liked. It was 19 days from ordering to my doorstep. Not bad considering they do come from China. Now, the only catch was the first pair is free, but you do have to pay $6.95 for shipping.  Pretty good deal to try this company out!

Now, there are options you can get, like anti glare, and such, but I wanted to try the basic ones to make sure I wasn't wasting any time and future money on more elaborate ones.   I have to say, Firmoo impressed me. Well made, a few extras with the cases and repair kit and fast delivery. Regular price for these glasses would be about $30, so still a bargain! I will definitely order from them again!

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