Oct 22, 2013

DIY dog bed for $10

Have you guys priced a dog bed at the pet stores lately? Outrageous! There are other things I'd rather spend $50 on. And, like most of you I'm sure, have a few extra pillows in the closet just collecting dust. So I came straight home and started to make it myself! I'll tell you how I did it....

What you need
2 standard pillows
Lots of large safety pins
Large needle

One pillow was used as the base, and I cut the other pillow, length wise into 3 equal parts.

The hard part is keeping the stuffing in and pinching the two outer pieces of fabric closed while matching it with the base pillow and then safety pinning all of it together. Do this with one long side of the pillow.

Next, bring the second cut up piece of the pillow and pin the sides together, then start pinning the rest of the side.
Close up of the corners.

Once you get to the corner, bend it around and continue to pin. It should look like the picture below.

Now that it's all pinned, you need to do is sew the edges together! I used an over and under stitch- totally not the correct name for it, but it describes it the best! Also, I wanted to sort of seal the edges because all dogs love to tear up stuffing.

And you're all done! Looks mostly like the ones at the store.

The best part for me is- I cover it with some unused beach towels and I can change them out every day and wash them! This helps my allergies tons!

 I think I have one happy customer!



  1. You are soooooo creative! My goodness that was a great idea! When I got tired of buying dog beds I threw down a pillow for my dog. And it worked perfectly she used the pillow case as a cover and went inside between it and the pillow to keep warm. But then again she's 2.5lbs lol!

  2. You're hired! Levi would like his in a dark blue or Crimson colors! LOL


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