Oct 4, 2013

Do you Quilt?

I've loved quilts since I was young. My great grandmother would suspend a quilting rack from her celling and all of her quilter friends would come over & work on a quilt for hours a day. They would drink coffee and chat while working. I thought it was the coolest thing and always wanted to join in but was told I was too young! 

After about age 8, she let me into this sewing world and taught me how to hand sew, then later on a sewing machine. I took to it like a duck in water.

Over the last year, I've completed some major quilts using a regular sewing machine. That's no small feat my friends! I vowed to never do a big sized quilt again until I had one of the awesome quilting machines that devours a quilt like it's nothing! Until I get one, (Husband- hint hint) I'll stick to lap size quilts and other little projects.

Check out the quilts I've done!

Soon, I'm adding the quilted items to my Etsy Shop, So stay tuned for that! Quilting truly is becoming a lost art with most people buying the factory made quilts and comforters instead of supporting the quilters. I hope more interest picks up soon!

Do you guys quilt or sew? Comment below!

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