Oct 7, 2013

Be still and listen to the crackle...

Such a simple verse, yet so profound that amongst the chaos, it will stop me in my tracks and remind me to just breathe...be still and know! Reminding me that by bringing God not only in my prayers, but bringing Him into my daily tasks and thoughts- He will comfort us when we need comforting. He will calm us when life is spinning us like a top. He will give us rest when needed, as well as a bit of energy to finish the tasks at hand. He will give us words when our brain doesn't. He will show us compassion when we don't deserve it. He IS the Alpha and the Omega, and all we have to do is be still and know. Such an amazing feeling to know that this almighty God loves us and wants a relationship with us- you and I- little puny peons! It blows my mind and makes me feel so incredible! I hope you had a great weekend and Monday is nice to you, my friends!
And can I just point out that wood wick candles are divine? If you haven't tried one yet, get one ASAP! Such a nice crackling while you're doing your daily devotions/journal time!
What are some of your go-to verses? Comment below!

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