Nov 26, 2013

Marriage and Relationship Goals

Allo Govna! Today we talk about marriage and relationship goals. Last week, I posted this about my goals and how I was doing with them this month. I really like the listing all goals and posting a little update on them so we will continue with that format this week!

 Marriage & Relationship Goals

This month my goals are:
  • Focus on my relationships, be not only present in the moments with my loved ones and friends, but be proactive- send a goodie box when one is not expected back and they have no idea one is coming, (which reminds me, I will be sending out email requests of your addresses) give more time and thought into emails and texts instead of a one word reply or maybe two if I'm feeling extra chatty.
         11/11/13- I feel like I've kept this up this past week, I didn't get any one's address yet,  but I  have put more thought and time into my emails and texts with everyone.  
11/26/13- Emails went out requesting addresses and I've received a few back! I love sending at least a card in the mail to someone randomly. You never know when that tiny gesture will brighten up some one's whole day!
  •  Do not become idle in my relationships. God put these precious people in my life and I will cherish them! I won't sit back and wait for them to respond to my emails/texts/phone calls. I will continue to show them, Hey- I'm thinking about ya!
          11/11/13- Progress on this point also this week. I truly value everyone in my life, and I                          hope that I'm conveying this to them each and every time we connect.
11/26/13-  I have really nailed this one this week! I've been reaching out to people who I know have a completely insane schedule and just telling them a quick hello with no entitlement attached to it! I know they will read it and I don't expect them to respond. Just wanted to let them know they are still in my thoughts! In marriage, we have been actively planning new things to do in winter. I love art, (obviously) and we've been saving the museums for winter since we can't be outside as much. So I'd say that's not becoming idle!
  • And finally, do not become sluggish in my work both personal and professional. I have a list of requests for quilts and things to be made for my family and friends and I've just been so scattered lately that everything personal has been put on the back burner! I think my trap is having too much time in the day that I can just keep pushing it further and further off, but it never gets done. I need to schedule it like a normal working day with lunch breaks and everything!
          11/11/13- I must admit, I have been a tad sluggish this week. On Friday, I was straightening out my closet and reached just enough to throw my back out. It's not absolutely terrible, just so frustrating and enough pain/muscle spasms to be uncomfortable. But, I still am working hard at scheduling myself and managing my time better!
11/26/13- The holidays are always a time where everything gets fast-forwarded and you have zero time to be sluggish! That being said, I've been going above and beyond this year to make sure I have everything done so I can at least take time to myself during the week and really study the Word. I want to go to Christmas service with a heart fully humbled and grateful without thinking of the details that make the season so stressful!
That's all, folks! How are your relationship and marriage goals going this week?

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  1. Well done on your week. Its so important to take timeout for yourself so you can recharge your batteries ready to go again! Hope your back gets better!!!


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