Dec 29, 2014

Christmas Recap, Y'all

Well hello there! I know it's Monday, and that stinks! The Mondays after a holiday break are just the WORST! This particular Monday, I am dealing with a fresh case of the cruds, which is no fun at all! The official worst! So, let's recap our Christmas break and relive fun times!

This Christmas, we made the brave decision to drive to my parents house, yes, you heard me right, DRIVE, all 1000 miles with a doggie that gets car sick, myself who's body is against her, and a Mr. who doesn't seem alive before 11am. Yeah, this was either going to go two ways- bad or really bad!

The Mr. takes his morning sleeping time seriously!

Poor puppy is so out of it, she uses the car basket for a pillow...

We made it in 15 hours or so, drunk Ginny was drooling or snotting all over her pillows and blankets in the back, the Jeep is less than fuel efficient, so it was a lot of stops at sketchy gas stations, and I was doing everything in my power to NOT catch every truck driver germ in the world. There may or may not have been acrobatics to avoid touching surfaces.

Look at that drool!

Once at my parents, we had glorious plans of venturing out to New Orleans for sightseeing and going to my favorite beignet place- Cafe du Monde. We were going to shoot guns, slosh around in our rubber boots, let Ginny run wild over acres and acres of nothing, and just have a down home Christmas... umm... yeah, not so much.

After the trip, the next day I was dead. I just lounged around and did nothing all day. We chatted with my folks and my Mama cooked for us, which, let's face it, Mama meals are the best when you're not feeling well! I was in incredible pain, but didn't even have the energy to get up and try to distract myself, so I wallowed. After that, it was helping with things they needed to do, organizing and such. I still had a couple of totes to go through from when I poured all my belongings into them before jetting off to live in Hawaii. We also made a couple of wreaths, which made Mama happy!

We talked, ate, talked more, ate more, talked more... this pretty much continued until it was time to get out and do things! We went to Noel Acadian au Village in Lafayette, La. This is one of my favorite sights. The church there is absolutely stunning, and when they light it up with hundreds of lights, it's breathtaking. I make it a priority to go whenever I'm down there for Christmas.

Blue dog decorated house.
An original Blue Dog from George Rodrigue. 

Christmas carols being played made the magic even greater.

The next big event is when my sister and all my niece and nephews come over. It's a house full of noise and craziness, and I love it! I stir them up and we have a ball! But, while Dad was prepping food for gumbo, he decides he doesn't need to use a cutting board to cut frozen chicken, and does it over the sink with his hands, and... you guessed it... sliced the pad of a finger nearly off! It looked like a horror scene and he was just going to throw a band aid on it & keep on trucking! I convinced him to go to the ER when the bleeding was really bad, which he insisted he didn't need. When the Doctor said it would've kept on bleeding until after Christmas (her words exactly) I did a little "I told ya so" dance and they stitched him up as best they could and wrapped it. I tell ya, it's not a holiday unless someone goes to the ER!
He insisted on driving, this man is a mess!

Niece and Ginny just hanging out.

We had lots of giggles and cuddles from the nephews, as well as the nephew-doggie! Andy is my brother's service dog, and when he was allowed to cuddle, that's all he wanted to do, regardless if there was room for both of us in the recliner!

Ginny also had a blast being off her leash for the first time. She listened pretty well, but when she ventured too close to the pond, which, most likely has an alligator in it, she didn't listen fast enough for my liking!

That night, we bundled up and ventured outside to pop fireworks. My reaction time was too slow to catch most of the pops, but I did manage to get this one of the Mr. and it's pretty cool!

It was a great time. And thankfully we made it there and back in one piece. I don't know if we'll ever drive again, but it was an experience, that's for sure! I did capture some gorgeous views, although all of these were taken with my phone, it still gives you an idea.

Now, I'm still unpacking and organizing, despite waking up with the crud this morning. When it rains, it pours folks. Good thing I can swim! (Just keep swimming... oh come on, you know you were thinking it, too!)

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  1. Oh wow what a crazy and amazing Christmas!! Sorry you weren't feeling well and still aren't. Hope you recover soon (and from that incredibly long drive!!)!


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