Feb 12, 2015

Pizza with a side of guilt?

Pizza has to be one of my favorite foods, but unfortunately, it's not so great for my hips. You know what I'm talking about!

I've entertained the idea of making my own pizza, and even bought the "Pizza kits" at the store. They just didn't taste right, kinda tasted cheap... if that's the right word to describe them. I just didn't like it! I looked for other recipes, but it always seemed so hard to make the dough, get the sauce right, and honestly, was just looking like wayyyyyy too much work. So, at least twice a month, we order pizza and I always love/feel guilty about it.

Enter- The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignai.

When this book came into my life, I about died, y'all! I scooped this book up so fast it didn't know what happened to it! And when it got here, I dived into it for a good hour. Tony Gemignai makes it seem so easy! The way he writes the recipes, it's just not scary at all. I can totally do this! I failed to take photos when I attempted to make my first real pizza, just because I was a little nervous I'd make a giant mess of it,  but I promise to update you with photos the next time I bake a pizza. And, I mean, look at these gorgeous pictures... inspiring! 

This book gives me hope that I can make a delicious, good for you pizza and not spend the whole night in the kitchen. Will we ever order out again, I'm pretty sure of it, but at least now I have options if I don't want the guilt associated with the fatty pizzas! He includes step by step photos, and let's face it, when you're cooking something for the first time, that's always helpful to me since I'm a visual learner.

If you come across this book, scoop it up! I am planning on keeping this in my cookbook collection for life. It helps that this book is pretty large, and has thick pages and a good sturdy binding, since I'm a clutz- it should last for a while!

Have you ever attempted a pizza from scratch?

* I received this book complimentary from Bloggingforbooks.org in exchange for my honest opinion. 


  1. oh my goodness! I need this book in my life! I can live off of pizza and this is perfect for not so fatting options. :) thanks for sharing

  2. This looks like a really fun book!!! :)

  3. I need to add this to my collection!


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