Jul 29, 2015

The one where I challenge niece #1

I am a book worm, no shocker there. But what happens is, I get to a cycle where I will read days on end, finish whole series in a week, and then not read for a month. I've tried to pace myself, I've tried to limit my books- nothing works. So this is my reading cycle, and I accept it.

Now, I've waited patiently for my nieces and nephews to grow up and learn to read to see if any of the share my love of books. Turns out, my oldest niece does! Yay!! So, I've started sending her boxes full of books I've loved, some I've picked up just for her, and some that will challenge her.

Lately, books take up a huge chunk of our conversations, and she told me she wants to read all of the great classics. I said, well then I think you need to read Rory's list. Of course, she didn't watch Gilmore Girls (the horror, I know) and had no idea what I was talking about! This is where I get to come in and be the hero Aunt because I knew someone on Pinterest would've had this list typed out for me and Taaaa-daaa! They did!

Rory Reading Challange by Callouu Soup

This lady, Callouu Soup, has it on a post, but also on a file you can print out and make a nice little booklet with CHECK MARK BOXES! A lady after my own heart!

I was so excited about this, that I printed out two booklets! I am determined to get through this reading list and send this to Niece #1 so that we can start checking off boxes!


  1. Whoa! I've been wanting to check out the Rori reading list. Sounds like this girl has it all organized. I'll take a look!

  2. This is a real thing?!?!!? I gotta find it right now!!!


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