Nov 6, 2015


I've never joined in on this 5 for Friday trend in blog-land, so I thought I'd give it a try! The gist is: you write 5 things that's going on in your life/week/month.

1   This week, I've sewn my little fingers off this week for new stock for the shop! You really need to check these super cute scarves out!

2  For the past couple of years, it's been freezing here in Illinois. Naturally, it was my first few official Winter seasons! But this year, it's still in the 70's! I am THRILLED that I can get out of the door without spending 20 minutes bundling up!

3   I'm loving shopping for homes! Realtor websites are my BFF's. We're undecided on the city, but I know it will be somewhere around the Chicagoland area. And I'm so excited! We've both rented our whole lives, so to have a home that we can add shelving or paint any color in the rainbow and not get penalized for it? YES, please!

4   Current Netflix binges: Gilmore Girls, (this is the second watching since Netflix put them on) and Monarch of the Glen, some, ahem the Mr., laugh at my British/Scottish TV shows, but I love them!

5   I get a niece date this week, 4 nieces to be exact. I'm over the moon about it! I can get my fill of all things pink and glittery and princess-ey and giggly! Ekk!

That's my 5! What are you up to this weekend? Comment below!

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