Jun 18, 2018

Playing catch-up

Hiya! Here I am, trying to play catch-up with my blog posts that have been sitting in my drafts folder FOREVER! Ah well, Summer is always busier than these Midwest Winters! Let's just pretend that these aren't year(s) old drafts and carry on, shall we?

Last August- yes, I'm a terribly late blogger- we went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  My Mr. had a work conference in Vegas, so I met him out there at the end and we played tourist!  This was my first time to the area, his second, I believe.

I didn't care for the gambling, hustling street vendors, or any of the craziness in Vegas. To me, it's one of the places where you should go once to experience all the hustle & bustle of it, just so you know what it's like.  But, I loved the Bellagio fountains and the sightseeing part of it.  What struck me was the support and love the city showed after the shootings. We went shortly after and it was a little spooky, but I don't think it slowed Vegas tourism down for long.

The Grand Canyon, on the other hand, was my jam! It's another place you need to go at least once. The majesty of it, the scope- so much more beyond what you can see in photos! I loved every second of it, even if my Mr. was fussing that I was getting too close to the edges.   Enjoy my favorite photos from the trip! I've spared you from the hundreds of photos and just picked my favorites!

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