Feb 19, 2019


Did I tell you my HUGE news?  No? Probably not, things have been super busy since November of last year.

Well, after debating, praying, and talking myself in & out of it for years... I've finally leaped and am going through my YogaFaith teacher training! YES! Yes, you read that right! Hopefully by this Summer I will be a yoga teacher!

It's crazy to even think about it because for the last 4 years I've been trying to adjust to what my life is now with chronic illnesses & chronic pain. It's been a roller coaster. I decided that I wouldn't let Fibromyalgia dictate my life, I just knew I needed to do this. Not only to help others physically, and help them get closer to Jesus in the process, but mostly I needed to do this for me. To show that through Jesus, anything was possible.

After last year, and getting the migraines under control through meds & botox (a blog post on botox for migraines is coming soon), I didn't have any other excuse stopping me from going after this goal!

And of course things try to pop up and stop me, or at least slow me down, like having a cold/flu for all but 2 weeks since January 1st - yeah not fun- but I can't let them stop me!

Anyway, so if you find this website a bit quiet, that's the reason- my brain is doing some heavy lifting learning all the yoga poses, how to get in & out of them, muscles, what's connected to what, and how that all ties in to worshiping our Savior.

I'm so excited about this journey! If you just have to keep up with what I'm doing, I'm more active on Instagram- The Artsy Cajun.   I've also created an instagram for my yoga journey- RenewedYogaFaith so you can follow me there as well. Leave a comment saying hi! Your encouragement and prayers are always so meaningful to me. See you soon !

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