Aug 27, 2013

Final marriage and relationship goals

Wow, what a whirlwind few days! While you read this, I am away celebrating out very first wedding anniversary! Yay for celebrations!
So, the final recap of the marriage and relationship goals. I has been quite a month to start this, but I'm sure this was God's work to test me and push me closer to him, and for that I am thankful!
Oftentimes,  I don't have an aggravation stage. It's calm happy shiny mood then full flame on mad mood.  I can count on one hand the times I've had a full flame on with Husband, but I really wanted to work on that and being the submissive wife this month. I don't want any full flame on moods at him. And  boy, have I ever had to work on it THIS month.
Aside from traveling, which causes stress, I also had to work on our communication while away. Husband isn't one to talk your ear off in the first place, and to get him on the phone is even harder.  So I've really had to focus on the amount of time he can give being enough for me.  I guess sometimes we don't always get what we THINK we need, but it ends up being exactly what you REALLY need. Isn't that the way it always goes?

This month has pushed be beyond my comfort zones and made me truly analyze myself. Once my trouble areas were pointed out, I stuck my nose in the bible and didnt come up for air until I knew how to work on and deal with being the Godly submissive wife! I'm truly thankful for this August monthly challenge and can't wait to start another one!

How did y'all do on your challenges?

Marriage and Relationship Goals Link-up Mission Statement: Monthly Marriage and Relationship Goals are simple goals that we, as wives or girlfriends, can personally make each month in order to strive for the very best in our relationships without ever growing complacent in serving our significant other. Overall, the link-up portion of this series will serve to facilitate accountability as women join together to share encouragement and inspirational motivation for completing challenges each month by beginning with broad goals and working through each week creating more specific goals. At the end of the month, we will summarize what was accomplished, the successes we've had and what we could have done better. We would love for you to link up with us and share your posts each week as we strive in different ways to serve our significant other with more intentionality and purpose.

Marriage & Relationship Goals

"Not setting goals and objectives for a relationship is like a ship setting sail for the land of nowhere in particular"
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  1. Happy anniversary!!! :) Hooray for learning more about yourself and the things that you can work on in life! :) Thanks for linking up this month, I look forward to seeing your new goal!

  2. I totally hear you on the moods. That is something I have been working on this month myself well in the patience category. Your heart is in the right place so I know God will honor you and help you to be a submissive wife. That was something I struggled with for a while and I am finally turning a corner lol. My goals have went okay for this month definitely could have been better but the turnout in intimacy was amazing. Happy Anniversary friend. I hope you are enjoying your trip.


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