Nov 18, 2013

Fall Cara Box Reveal

Hi! I'm so excited to share with you my Fall Cara Box experience! This was my second time participating in the exchange, and I loved getting to know my girls! You can check out the whole program over at Wifessionals .

I was paired with Jamie over at U Gotta Have Hart, and this girl is amazing! She's so strong and can pretty much handle anything thrown her way! Her sense of humor is fabulous! So I sent her a box, a little early, I'll admit, but I just couldn't wait that long! Ha!

The amazing lady who sent me a box was Kaysey over at Thinking Out Cloud. Although our schedules didn't allow us to email daily, it was still fun to get to know her. Plus, she has super adorable children, I mean did you see their gorgeous blue eyes? Cuties!

Kaysey sent me the most thoughtful gifts, check out the pictures!

 This candle is heaven in a jar! It put me straight into the Fall spirit!
Can we just pause and awe at this scarf? I'm forcing myself not to wear it every single day!

And she even remembered Ginny! How sweet is that?

The nail polish and bead are such a nice touch! I always tend to go for pinks and reds for polish, so this shook up my routine! It matches the scarf, too!
I love participating in the Cara Box Exchange, you guys need to go sign up for it pronto! It's such a good way to meet other bloggers and plus, who doesn't like goodies in the mail?

Cara Box

What have been your experiences with gift exchanges? 


  1. Aww, you shouldn't lie about me! ;)

  2. I've only don't one Cara Box exchange and I got Samantja from hooah and hiccups. It was amazing. I exchanged gifts with some of my ttc sisters peridically but we don't have any particular exchange set up we just sent whatever is on our hearts.

  3. Aren't swaps just the best?! This was my first Cara Box, and I'm hooked. I LOVE that scarf - and the nail polish to match - so cute!


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