Nov 19, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Hey Y'all! Time for my Weekly Wishes! I'm late this week posting because I had other posts scheduled, and I'm not Super Blogger Woman to publish more than one post a day! I need to spread it out!

So, I finally accomplished my weekly wishes I told you about here, and now it's time to start a whole new list! Are you as excited as I am? Probably not, but that's okay!


  • Finish ALL Christmas shopping! If it were up to me, I'd bake something for everyone instead of buying gifts. I send gifts on Birthdays, but I'd rather be with family and just remember the reason for the season. But, we have lots of younger nieces and nephews that don't understand yet, so we must dive into the toy sections of the store... it's a jungle in there! I barely make it out alive!

  • Plan ahead blog posts to really enjoy the Christmas week. I love you guys, I really do, but I just don't want to stop celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus to tell you guys how to decorate a candle! I know y'all understand because you are probably doing the same thing!

  • Organize photos! This is a big one. My external drive is so crammed with pictures and my laptop is too! I keep taking them, uploading, even sharing them, and I hardly ever delete. I don't know why because it makes so much more sense to delete and organize as I go rather than having to spend a week doing thousands of photos! I bring it on myself, I know!

  • Get Ginny to actually LIKE the snow. She's being a bit of a diva. I'll admit my fur baby isn't perfect! She's pulling on the leash, trying to be the pack leader, and only wanting to walk on the sidewalk- never get in the grass to do her business. Maybe I'll make her some little doggie foot mittens, but that looks crazy right? I know her feet are cold, but I don't even know if she will like them. Anyone use mittens on their dogs when it's ice & snow on the ground?

  • Prep Christmas cards! I want these babies to be addressed, postage correct, signed, sealed and ready to go for the day I send them off! I like to be early and prepared, folks!
The Nectar Collective

What are some of your weekly wishes? And does it hold you more accountable doing a blog post about them?


  1. Can you finish my Christmas shopping for me?! hahaha, I haven't even started. Today is a sick day, so I plan on making my list. The problem is, life is crazy until finals are over on December 7th so I won't even start shopping until then :P I guess it's earlier than most years, so that's a good thing!

  2. You posted right before me on the Weekly Wishes, so my "encouraging comment" goes to you! :) One of my wishes was Christmas related as well. It's everyone's favorite holiday, but also so stressful?! We contemplated not doing any gifts or festive things and just volunteering through the whole shebang.

  3. Oh, and good luck with your wishes! Particularly the diva pup... I have one too

  4. Love this list because I need to do a few things on your list too. I finally got my Christmas cards finished. They need to be ordered now. Posting about my weekly wishes serves as a reminder so yes it keeps me accountable. I get tired of seeing the same wish week after week. Lol! Oh and I would totally bake stuff for everyone. For Thanksgiving I am sending a basket of baked goods to Florida. It should arrive Wednesday so they can eat it thanksgiving.


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