Dec 23, 2013

Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective
Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a nice relaxing morning, drinking their coffee or tea, just decompressing before the next couple of crazy days!

Today is weekly wishes day! I love this idea that I can post my weekly wishes or goals, and be held accountable for them!  I link up with Melyssa and here we go!

Last week:

1. Clean house! I need to do a deep cleaning PRONTO so the little daily messes aren't so bad! The whole home was cleaned top to bottom, and sadly, I still have a few messes left from yesterday. I suddenly forget and honestly don't really care, about cleaning when the Mr. has the day off! Anyone else experience this phenomenon? :)

2. Finish wrapping Christmas presents. I finally have all of those bad boys wrapped and waiting under the tree! This is a good feeling!

3. I promised quilts to my side of the niece and nephews this year, and there is no way they will be done by Christmas, but maybe the end of January. I need to make sure this happens! Ladies and gents, I have 2 of the nephew's quilts done, one of the nieces quilt tops done, and cutting more squares for the rest! It's about half done, I'd say. I can't wait to see their faces when they get them! I think I can, I think I can

4. Clean my fish tank. WHOOO-HOO! This is done! It's so gross, we're having an algae problem and it gets gunky, friends. I honestly don't know how these fish are still alive! Nothing is working, and I just keep trucking on in the battle against algae!

5. Have as much holiday fun and holiday dates as possible! I feel like this time of year is so magical, maybe it's because I love twinkle lights and glitter! I may, or may not, be trying to decide if an "adult" household can keep glittered items year round! We went for a stroll Downtown to see the lights, and they blare music, sometimes you will even see someone singing or playing the guitar! Magical! We're just trying to step back, relax from the holiday business, and enjoy this time of year!

And since it is the most wonderful time of the year, I will not put any new wishes or goals on myself other than to enjoy this week! That's all folks! What are some of your wishes for the week?

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  1. I spent a lot of time on Tuesday cleaning my kitchen and stuff before Christmas and now it's a disaster again! I can't win :P And I have to start thinking about taking down my Christmas stuff :P


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