Jan 15, 2014

Recapping No Technology Day

As you may know, the Mr. asked me if I could go without technology for an entire day. You can read about it here.  Of course, in my mind I am a super hero, so I shrugged it off like no big deal, of course I can!

Let me just say, it was almost impossible! Day started okay, I woke up around 6am, like normal, made my coffee, fed the fish, started laundry, but then I normally go do blog/emails until 9am when I go wake him up. But I couldn't touch my computer, so I wandered back into the living room and played with Ginny for a while, drank all my coffee, ate a banana, just ANYTHING to fill that time. It was difficult, but I was still thinking. "I can do this".

9am rolls around when I had to go wake up the Mr. Being the night owl he is, he couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, and wanted more sleep. At this point, I was getting antsy, but I thought I could still handle it.  Ginny and I go settle back in the living room and I pick up the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. (Awesome book, you should read it ASAP) with another cup of coffee, I dived head first into that book.

Two hours later, I couldn't sit there one second longer, so I went to wake him up again and I wouldn't take no for an answer this time! He did get up, and we went about our breakfast, chit-chatting routine.

Y'all, when I say I was antsy, I mean like, at that point, I needed medication or a stiff drink to calm down. I am a severe creature of habit, and when my routine is thrown out the window, I might as well follow it!

So, we go about the day, cleaning a little, talking, but there came a time when we were just out of things to talk about! I was like okay, I just can't do this, let's go somewhere, let's go to IKEA and buy that dresser. So we did!

I know the Jeep is technology- sort of, but with the Polar Vortex in town, it was my only choice! I need nature and to be outside. And if it would've been nicer, we would've bundled up for a hike, but noooooooooooo the North Pole decided to come down and kick me! The Jeep was my way of not freezing to death and being outside, sort of.

OK, we get back and I have a purpose- to put that dresser together and organize the office/craft/spare room! I can do this! It's about 4pm at this point and we finished it at 7pm. Not too bad ,we were taking our time. After we cooked dinner, had a fire in the fireplace, finished reading our books and then this girl retired to the bed early!

All in all, it wasn't that terrible. The Mr. didn't have a problem with it, but then again, his job requires him to be on the phone and in front of a computer all day, so it was a vacation for him. I need to be outside or I work. I am not one to sit and watch tv for hours on end. I have to be doing something else like blogging, editing photos, crocheting, just something to occupy my mind. 

My advise, if you want to try this, is...do NOT attempt this when you can't go outside! Or, at least be on vacation somewhere!


  1. It is a challenge! But you did it and survived.

  2. Congrats on making it through the day! It sounds like a great day to me.

  3. It is so hard to go no technology when your spouse isn't even awake yet and sleeps in really late! Great job though :) I'm sure your husband appreciated it!

  4. i have to be constantly doing something as well & think this would be challenging for me if i couldn't go outside! glad you survived it!

  5. Yay you made it! I know I would struggle with this but really know I would be okay of course. Still would be hard cause I am just like you - a creature of habit definitely! Love my routine to the point where its in an order too eg, shower, deodorant, moisturize, brush teeth, get dressed lol. if it sways from that I feel weird haha!!! Or maybe thats just me :)

  6. you did good! better than I ever would manage :)

  7. When you are not on the internet it is like you think you are missing something. The internet, the blogs, websites are not going anywhere. I still don't know how you managed the time that you did. First thing I do when I wake up is check my phone.


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