Feb 25, 2014

Sponsor Shout Out- Meet Charlene!

  Today starts a new series I want to do with my swap sponsors. Many bloggers will not do much in the way of advertising for you, whether it be social media love, or a guest post unless you pay. And some are not cheap! This is why I do mainly free swap ads. The idea of the same money going around and around the blogosphere doesn't make sense to me! When did money become the deciding factor to share the cool ladies you meet with your readers? And sponsorship is a odd thing. You want to sponsor people you like, and who you'd be proud to have your button on their wall. Other bloggers may be too negative all the time, or too outspoken about things that are against your beliefs. It's a tricky thing. And I know that to some, sponsoring a blog is a big deal and one not to be chosen lightly. To others, well, they just want as much exposure as possible and will slap their button on every blog that will let them. Luckily, I have connected with a few truly great gals and I am thrilled to host them! I wanted to go beyond just having their button on my sidebar. I want to introduce these gals to you so you can see how amazing they are! And since I am horrible at Twitter, I wanted to introduce you to them in their own post!

Today I introduce Charlene. This lady is a go-getter if I've ever met one! Her posts are always thoughtful and sweet, and she never disappoints in a good read!

*This is a guest post written by Charlene @ From Bisons to Buckeyes

I have always loved journals. Growing up I bought journal after journal and almost never filled them up. As I got older, I started writing in them more and would make myself fill one before I would buy a new one. I would write about my experiences and how I was feeling at times. I would record fun events and even text messages that made my day. Sometime I would write down my prayers and I certainly kept lists of people to pray for.

Lately though, I haven't kept a personal journal. I have a spiritual journal where I record prayer requests and take notes at church, and I have a blog. BUT I got a new journal in my Carabox and I love it! I have been journaling my thoughts, prayers, and... blog posts?

Yes I have been writing blog posts in my journal. And I don't mean ideas for blog posts, I mean full posts that I will pretty much type into blogger word-for-word later. Let me just tell you, I think I have unlocked a huge blogging secret!

When I am blogging on my computer, I am connected to the internet so I get distracted. I sit down to blog, but I check my email first. Then I head on over to Bloglovin' just to see if anyone has posted anything new. By the time I have answered my emails and caught up on my reading, I don't have much time to blog. Once I start writing, I feel the need to check all my social media every time there is a pause in my typing. Does anyone else have this problem?
So I've started writing first drafts of blog posts in my journal. No distractions. Just pen and paper. And I can do it anywhere! On a plane, train, or automobile. By the pool (when it gets warmer, of course). Laying in bed when I can't sleep. The options are unlimited!

I have been so much more productive since discovering this secret and I just had to share it in case anyone else could benefit from it.

What are some tips you guys have found help with staying focused while writing/blogging?
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  1. those journals are TOO cute! and that is such a great idea!!! sometimes i will scribble something on a post it when i think about blog posts - but having a journal for it so it's all in one place is genius!! thanks for sharing, Charlene!! :)

    1. Thanks Robyn! I usually jot down ideas too and then later when I have time I will write out an entire post. I used to do this on Evernote, but again, I had to be connected to the internet to do that so that means distractions and limited places to do this.

  2. I kind of love this idea Charlene! And I'm wondering why in the world I didn't think of this before!! PS--your journal is super cute :)

  3. Those are super cute!!! I have found that blogging in the early morning helps whether on my ipad or at the computer. I also have a calendar where brainstorm ideas.

    1. Oh girl! I don't think I could ever get up early to blog. I have a hard enough time getting up early to spend time with the Savior. :)

  4. I think this is great you are doing this for your blogging friends. How nice!
    Charlene-I feel the same way. By the time I check email and get around to commenting I am too tired to even care about my blog or its so late and I need to make time for myself.

    1. Exactly! I want to devote time to those things too, but my own blogging should be pretty important.

  5. Jess - you are right, sponsorships are a tricky thing. I'm still trying to figure out how I want them to work for my blog.

    Charlene - I love the idea of writing out blog posts since I would be the first to raise my hand and say I get distracted on the internet, I'm always following some rabbit trail from one site to the next . . . I'm definitely going to give this a try in the next few weeks. Thanks for the great idea!


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