Apr 1, 2014

Currently- April

  Hey Y'all! Happy Fools Day!  I thought I'd start doing a "Currently" list in the beginning of each month. Just to share a bit of what's going on in my world with you! 

WORKING ON: Wrapping up projects. I have been knocking them out one by one, but my to-do pile doesn't seem to be shrinking! My main goal is to get every on-going project done, so I can revamp my store and products this summer! 
THINKING ABOUT: All of the lists of things to do and that I should probably stop this and write them down before I forget something! 
ANTICIPATING: SPRING! This gorgeous day is making me INCREDIBLY anxious for warm days everyday! No more 30 & 40 degree days!
LISTENING TO: KLove station, currently, Steven Curtis Chapman is singing Long Way Home. Such a powerful but catchy tune!
EATING: Trident gum.
THANKFUL FOR: My Father God, blessing me with everything I need in this world! Sometimes the world has ways of twisting your thoughts and emotions, making you think you need more stuff and things. My sister called me a hippie this morning, and if that's what makes me happiest and the most in tune with what the Lord has given me, then a hippie I will be! 
PLANNING FOR: Spring and Summer! I want to use up every single warm day before Winter gets here again! I've never been so grateful for the season to change as I have now experienced one of the 3 worst winters in Chicago! 
MAKING: A lot of goodies with my Lilly Pulitzer fabric! I have listed the cup sleeves and pocket tshirts in my Etsy store! Click here to see them! 
LEARNING: French, again. Like most folks, I had to take a foreign language in high school, but most of that didn't stick with me. I do know a bit of Cajun French, but it's not quite the same as the original French language. So, I checked with my library and they did have a "book on tape" for learning French! I was sad to learn that they did not have a license with Rosetta Stone to have their programs in the library, but I'm hopeful this one will be helpful! 
WEARING: Grey lounge pants, and white sweater. The wind is kicking through our home and it's a bit chilly! But I refuse to close the windows! 

And that's my April version of Currently. I love doing these because you can always look back and see what's going on in the beginning of the months! Is it just me, or maybe I'm getting old, but I feel as if time is flying by! I want to document as much of this lil' ole' life as possible! 

What are you guys currently doing? I'd love to hear! 


  1. I'm so ready for spring as well. The weather keeps teasing us here in Utah. It will be in the high 60s one day and then in the 30s the next :( I hope you get your Spring weather soon! What fun outdoor plans are you making for Spring and Summer?

  2. So I'm totally going to check my library for a French-learning book thanks to you!! I was raised knowing French but I've lost a lot of it (and acquired an accent--ack!!!) since moving away from family. I've never even thought of getting a book-on-tape! Thanks girl!

  3. I'm so ready for Spring as well. And love me some Klove!

  4. Currently... being reminded that one of my new year's resolutions was to learn Spanish.... darn it.


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