May 4, 2014

Shop My Closet- Vera Edition!

Hey y'all! I have something exciting to share with you on this Sunday morning! I've finally organized my loot from the Vera Bradley sale I went to, and I'm ready to share this Vera Bliss with you!!! I'm going to try to keep shipping down to a minimum, and have quoted shipping costs super low. If they are lower than I've charged you for, I'll send you the amount saved in a return! Simple enough right?!
Payment will be like this, you leave a comment on which number you'd like to order along with your email address, and I'll send over a paypal invoice for you to pay with. Once it has cleared, I'll mail your package and send you the tracking information! Please note, you will have 48 hours to submit your payment to me once I send you the invoice. If you don't pay within 2 days, I will re-list the item!

OK, here goes!
1. Vera Bobby Pins in Lilly Bell print. So adorable if you're like me and use bobby pins daily! These are very sturdy metal and doesn't snag hair!

2. Petite Chain Bag, So adorable for date nights when you just need your very essentials! Also adorable for a niece or daughter to start their very own Vera Bradley collection! 

3.Journals! This has a patchwork print of Vera patterns.

4. Market Tote bag, These are the plastic-ish type reusable bags you can buy everywhere, but in VERA! Also can be used as a lunch bag!

5. Paperback Book Cover in Folkloric print. This, my friends, is absolutely perfect for the days on the train or bus, or even at work when you don't want everyone to know what you're reading! Perfect for the ladies that enjoy a little steamy romance novel from time to time! The price on the picture is wrong, sorry, it's $8 + $3.95 S&H!

6. Tech Organizer, 2 available in Lemon Parfait, 1 available in Watercolor. This is awesome to store all of your computer cords, phone chargers, mouse, just anything that can fit in here for travel. Also, very nice if you just want to keep all sorts of things tidy in your home! 

7. Luggage tags, 2 Available in Lola Print!

8. Round coin purses! SO adorable! These have a laminate over the fabric to keep safe while in your purse! Also, great for young ladies to start their Vera collection! 

9. PJ Pants in Cocoa Moss print, size XL. These are cotton, so they might shrink during washing. They are a very light weight, almost gauze type fabric, and frankly, it's just too cold for me to wear them here! 

Remember, comment below about which number you'd like and provide an email so I can send you the invoice!

This is my first time doing a Shop My Closet, so bare with me!!!

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