Jun 25, 2014

Weekly Wishes- the one where I'm totally late

Sorry, I'm about 2 days late with this one! It was a really busy weekend, and I'll recap it all for you tomorrow. Today, let us get down to business with the weekly wishes!

If you remember last week-

1. Finish up a secret project for a secret couple. That is all I can say. Well, actually, I can say that once it's all over and done with, I will post it on the blog and it's going to be gorgeous! Done! This came out lovely & I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow! Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous as well! 

2. Wake up every morning at 6am for an hour of bible study, journaling, and at least 30 mins Yoga BEFORE doing any house work or Etsy orders. Yeah, this one is pretty tough, but I have been doing this for the last couple of mornings and I have to admit, my day goes so much better when I have some "Me & Jesus Meetings" in the morning!  Semi-done! I can manage the bible and journal study in, but time seems to go by so much faster and I rarely have time for yoga before it's time to wake up the Mr.! We are going to start heading to the gym in the mornings again, so maybe I'll save yoga for late afternoon. Hopefully it will signal to my body that the day is over, and I'll be able to relax more in the afternoons!

3. Get in a much snuggles and silly laughter with the Mr. as I can! He will have most of the week off due to some great events happening, (which of course I will recap next week for y'all) and I plan on taking advantage of every second I have with that precious man! We laughed, we snuggled, we danced... it was a great week & weekend! However, all the action did take a toil on my body and I was exhausted.... well, still am exhausted! Today, we're pushing ourselves to the gym and then relaxing pool side all day! 

4. TAKE PHOTOS! It has been said, multiple times, that I do not post enough photos of me, or the Mr. or anything on here! I thought about it, and y'all were right! I am a bad blogger when it comes to this. I promise that this week, I will take at least one photo a day. AND- at least 4 of those will be selfies. Deal? I thought it would be nice to include the photos either on Friday's Find Beauty post, or Monday's Weekly Wishes post. Either one will work, so be on the look out for those!

5. Email my church to find out when the next Baptism is. Y'all, let's get deep for a minute. I was raised Catholic, and my family doesn't necessarily like the fact that I'm not going to a Catholic Church. There are many reasons for this, and I won't get into them now, maybe someday. The fact of the matter is, a part of me will always be Catholic. However, I do not feel the connection with God as I should being a practicing Catholic. I've found a huge non-denominational church here, and it's filling my soul with so much knowledge and inspiration to learn more that I just feel like God is telling me to stay here. I'll write another post about the God moment of how I found this church in the future.  So, I know that I've been baptized when I was an infant, as do all Catholic children. In my heart, I just feel like I need another refreshing of the commitment to Jesus.  I've felt this tugging at my heart for the past 4 years, and have battled back and forth over it. If it's been 4 years, and I still feel God tugging at me this strong, I figured I better get it done! Again, the whole point of the Weekly Wishes, (for me anyway) is to be held accountable for the items I put on here. So this one is definitely going to get done! Not another 4 years for me!

As you can see, I didn't complete 4 & 5 this week. I did take photos, but not enough of me and the Mr. to complete the challenge! As for 5, I want to give you some lame excuse about being so busy, but I just didn't make the time for it! THIS WEEK, y'all! 

So I will take the last two wishes on for this week and add this one, 

*Finish all Etsy and personal projects. Yes, it's a big stack! 

The Nectar Collective

Also, don't forget, enter to win my Dictionary scarf over at Robyn's Nest! 

Do you have a huge "To Do" pile always waiting for you too? Comment below!

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  1. I dont post enough photos either. You have been pretty busy with your art projects, I DO want to see pics of those! Have a great week!



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