Jul 9, 2014

Bratislava, you surprised me

Welcome to the long awaited post about our Europe tour! I think I'm the worst blogger ever! Seriously! This tour happened February of 2013! And I'm just getting to day 7 of the tour! It's time I stepped this blog series up and share with you all of the wonderful things we feasted our eyes upon in Europe! Check out the previous adventures below: 

Now, on to...

Today, I continue day 7 with Bratislava. As I mentioned before, the driver has to stop and rest every so many hours, so we were scheduled to tour cute little towns like this one. This particular morning, we left Prague and headed out to Bratislava. Expat Explore had this to say about this stop, " Explore the historic streets of Bratislava. Boasting amazing architecture, history and natural landscapes. Historically known for building VW cars, the manufacture of furniture, and musical instruments; if you listen closely, Bratislava has many interesting tales to tell. We continue to Austria's lively capital, Vienna!"

It was an awesome little stop. I am a big fan of architecture, and you will notice lots of photos of just that! Check out Bratislava with us! 

  My handsome Mr. thinking, "Stop taking pictures of me."

 We were told this is the typical Bratislava man, lazy on the job. You rub his head for good luck!

 Folks blurred to protect privacy. I believe this is the fountain where they pumped wine through it once, or maybe annually, either way, pretty cool! 

As I mentioned before, this was a stop over between driving from Prague to Vienna. We arrived in Vienna later that night. Vienna surprised us in being one of our favorite visits on the tour! That post coming later this week! 

Are any of you architecture nerds like I am? What are some of the most unexpected architecture finds you've come across? Share with me below!


  1. such beautiful buildings!!!! and oh my goodness that is the best tour ever!

  2. Beautiful photos!!! I love that you had beautiful blue sky weather!

  3. I love posts about people's vacations!!! It makes me eager to travel myself!! :) Such a beautiful trip! :)


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