Sep 30, 2014

European Tour, Day 15, Free Day in Nice

Continuing our Europe Trip from 2013, 
Check out the previous adventures below: 

Day 14, Visit Piza and Nice

Expat Explore had this to say, " Day 15: A free day in Nice and the French Riviera
Today, you can do whatever your heart desires! As the saying goes ‘It is always nice in Nice’ - so now is your chance to find out why. One thing is for sure though - this is the playground for the rich and famous. Keep your eyes open for celebrities and stars whilst you are enjoying the sights yourself! Today you also have a free optional excursion to visit Monaco (which is also a principality, and the 2nd smallest and most densely populated country in the world!) If you choose to come with us, you will be taken on a scenic coastal drive from Nice in the afternoon, and have the rest of the day to explore. The city offers stunning views over an enormous private harbour, where super yachts and ships come to rest. The Grand Casino is particularly spectacular, and the castle district offers beautifully preserved architecture and views of the coast and city. In the evening, why not chill out in the ‘Old Town’ of Nice where the restaurants serve a range of tasty French cuisine and wonderfully fresh seafood. The night markets offer great choices in the way of souvenirs."

Nice was really good to us. There is The Promenade des Anglais, which follows down to the marina. The Mr. and I really wanted to just get out and walk. This is the first beach we were really able to explore since leaving Hawaii, and it felt great! We just strolled down, I believe it was 2 miles, and took pictures, talked, discussed, found a heart shaped rock, just relaxing in this beautiful town with each other. Nice is one place we will go back to, I'm sure of it! 

Some of our other tour mates decided to rent bikes. I am not that great at French, but I knew enough to read the sign that said if you don't return it to the original place you picked it up from, they would charge you $150 per bike. It was a great idea, to get a bike and ride up and down the town, but they returned it at another docking station (same company, just a docking station a mile or so down the promenade) and sure enough, they charged one person $150 per bike. Since they all used one credit card, it was a big hassle and people were upset. Lesson here, do not rent things that you can't read the sign! 

We stayed at the Ibis Nice Promenade des Anglais which was really nice! I highly recommend any Ibis hotels in Europe when you aren't sure. 

I believe this night, we wanted to go for sushi, but the wait was just too long, so we decided to go to a pizza place, bring it back to our room, and have a picnic on the bed! Since we traveled with one bag each, we needed to repack and reorganize our bags before leaving each stop. It wasn't terrible, and the pros of traveling with one bag far outweighed the cons! 

The next day, we were headed out to a stop at Arles and then on to Barcelona! Stay tuned! 

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