Sep 8, 2014

Grace Upon Grace, The one with Divergent

Good Monday Morning! I am a little late this morning due to staying up to late.... reading Divergent! I'm behind the game here, but I'm reading the first book now, so no spoilers please! It's awesome! Anyway, yes, I kept thinking that "just one more chapter," was a good idea many times, and that equals sleeping in! Double edged sword, I tell ya!

Anyway, let's get down to God's amazing graze!
Y'all, I adore this link up! Check out what Jordyn has to say about it, from her blog She Who Fears, " I may be biased but Grace Upon Grace is my fave linkup out of all of the linkups in the land, and since it's that time again, I am really just excited about today. If you haven't been here before, Grace Upon Grace is a linkup that takes place every other Monday where us bloggers come together and share the ways that God is doing big things in our lives. The small community of grateful women that it has created encourages me every single day and I would love for you to be a part this week!" 

She Who Fears || Grace Upon Grace

So, here we go:

+ One: I'm so thankful that the good Lord gave me a bookworm mentality. We recently (finally) watched Divergent and I fell in love! I immediately jumped on the ipad to reserve the books at the local library! I even reserved the movie soundtrack! Yes, our library lets us check out Cd's! How cool is that? Plus, I've discovered the author lives in the Chicago area! So hopefully, I will get to meet her one day if she does a book signing around the area! (Insert nerd girl squeal here)

+Two:   God's grace for me is so much more than I deserve. Recently, things in my life have been a little hectic and my body just isn't able to keep up with the demands. There will be more about this in the future, but let's just say that my body not being able to keep up with what I want to do may be the new normal. If that's the case, lots of things will have to be adjusted. Please shoot up a prayer or two for me.

+Three:  I'm so thankful that I am in a position where people come to me to talk. I really am. No matter what's going on in my life, I am instantly humbled when people choose me to confide in. And I love it. I love to comfort people, it seems natural to me. My life hasn't always been this easy and breezy. And for my short 29.3 years on this earth, I've been through more than most, which gives me insight on what someone else may be going through. I just pray each and every time that God allows me to speak the words He wants these folks to hear. 

+Four:  Can I just be thankful of my puppy here? Poor little Ginny is suffering through seasonal allergies, and is all flushed and itchy, but she still gives love all day long. I'm especially thankful that she does this during the painful hours of the day. That little girl exudes love out of her pores and I thank God each day for that.  

And that's all! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this link up! You guys need to slap down 4 points that God is showing grace to you and link up ASAP! Jordyn keeps this link open for 7 days, so you have 6 more days to post & link up! You won't regret it!

What's some ways you are seeing God's grace in your life today? 


  1. I love being able to browse library selections online. I've been ordering things that way for a couple of years now and I'm reading more than ever!

    Two and Three go hand in hand! I'm glad that people come to you too. :) There's something about helping others even when it's hard that communicates so much to them! Keep at it!!!

    My dog found her way into my post this week too. lol :)

  2. So much grace, that's awesome!! And none of us deserve His grace, that's the whole point. :-) I too love Grace Upon Grace, and it gives me a good excuse for focusing on God's grace too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. this really is a lovely link up! always something to be grateful for!


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