Sep 9, 2014


Hey Y'all! I haven't posted a Currently in a while, maybe last month, but I like to do them in the beginning of the month to share what I'm currently up to! Here we go:

Making: All sorts of essential oil concoctions! I can't wait to share some of the recipes with you guys, and possibly sell a couple on Etsy, so be on the look out for that announcement soon. 
Cooking: Lots of shopping my own freezer and pantry to use up things that have been in there a while. I printed out nice food inventory sheets that I found on Pinterest & have been filling them out. It actually helps when meal planning for the week! 
Clicking: Lots of blogging going on around these parts. I may be jumping the gun here, but the end of the year is always busy with traveling to see families for the holidays. I want to have the rest of the year blog posts COMPLETE... yes, you heard me right. That's my huge goal is to plan and write them up, and hopefully scheduled until the end of the year! I'm slowly but surely completing them. Go me! 
Drinking: Dragon fruit Devotion from Teavana. LOVE THIS STUFF! Last January, I came across their annual clearance sale, and I bought 2 pounds of Dragon fruit Devotion for half price! Sadly, it's only September, and I'm having to ration my supply until this coming January. AND, that's IF they have the sale again since Starbucks bought them recently. I may have to bite the bullet and buy it regular price. (insert sad face here, folks)
Reading: Divergent! I talked about this yesterday, but I finally watched the movie and loved it. I immediately jumped on the ipad and reserved the books from the local library. I'm so excited about this series! And I'm only 1/3 through Divergent, so please no spoilers into the next books! 
Wanting: A huge room sized essential oil diffuser. Yoga teacher had one, and it puts my little personal diffuser to shame! I'd love one for the living room.
Playing: BANGO! Or Bingo, if you say it normally. I don't know why, but the Bingo app I downloaded is lots of fun right now. 
Wishing: My body would keep up with my brain's demands! I am running on fumes here, folks.
Enjoying: Not having cable TV! I know it may sound foreign to some, but it's really nice to break the chains to the TVs and all the Tivo-ed shows! I'm getting lots done! 
Waiting: For the holidays so I can love on all my family! 
Liking: The weather cooling off a tad. Still not quite open windows all day time, but we're getting close! 
Wondering: How much I will get done today! I have tons of blog posts to write! 
Loving: My Mr., my sweet Ginny, and the high thread count sheet set we bought for our anniversary! FYI, 2nd year traditional anniversary gift is cotton. 
Needing: A new body! But, I will settle for some quality time with those I love. 
Smelling: My Spa Room personal diffuser with about 15 drops of lavender in that baby.
Wearing: Lounge wear. I did get up, shower, and change out of my PJ's, but didn't get too ambitious and put on lounge wear. But hey, it's something! 
Following:  All of my new bloggie friends! 
Noticing: Even when life gets hard, God's there for me if I only slow down the "Poor me internal chatter" enough to hear him. 
Watching: NOTHING!  It's great to not turn on the TV, scroll through the guide at hundreds of channels and settle on something! When I need a break, I go turn the TV on and out of the 26 channels we catch with the antenna, if there isn't anything I want to watch, I turn it off and go find something else to do! I'm getting a lot of back work done! It's awesome! Disclaimer, we do have Netflix and use that to catch up on our favorite TV shows. I'm thinking about getting into Dr. Who, any thoughts on that show?
Obsessing over: My lavender essential oil. I have been jumping into the essential oils pretty hardcore for the last couple of months, but lavender continues to be my favorite. 
Shopping for: Nothing really. We are discussing a move in the future, (not sure exactly when but years time frame) and buying tons of land and building a container home! Well, it will be 3-4 containers together, but it will still be less space than we've ever been in. So we are pairing down and de-cluttering a lot of our stuff. 
Learning: All I can about essential oils. I'm in love, folks. 
Wasting time on: Nothing now that the TV is less enticing. 
Praying for: My Doctor to figure out what's zapping my energy and making me feel pain all the time! 
Working on: Getting all the extra supplies and stuff that I no longer want on etsy or eBay to sell. It's harder than you think to keep up with all the listings! 
Looking forward to: This weekend when the Mr. and I have a date day planned and then my yoga classes! I've finally found a teacher I like! My goal is to get to her class at least twice a week, maybe even 3 times a week if I'm having a good pain day! OH YEAH!

If you've read them all and made it to this point, congrats and thanks for reading my ramblings! You are a trooper! And if you have any thoughts on the Dr. Who series, please leave them in the comments! 

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