Jan 5, 2015

The one with the simple things.

I link up with Amberly and friends for Marriage & Relationship goals! Last month, (see it here) I focused on trying not to snap and lash out at the Mr. during stressful situations. I'm happy to say that it worked! When I was in the middle of the chaos, I remembered my goals and just stepped back from the situation. Taking a breather helped me refocus and figure out the problem before getting angry! Yay!
This month, I'm choosing to work on simplifying us. If you read my resolution blog post here, you know that my words for 2015 is "Simplify Everything" so that's exactly what I intend to do!  Do we have to have a date night every week that involves dinner and a movie? Not really. It's wonderful and nice, but at the end of the month, it can add up in cost!
 In order to simplify the time we spend, and our finances, I'm hoping to just be in each other's presence, just enjoy the company! I remember when we first started dating, we would lie on the beach and just talk for hours. Nothing to do but watch the waves come in and chat. I miss those simple days! So, to carry this out, I'm going to attempt to just be, and this is how:
  • Experiment in the kitchen with new recipes.
  • Have board game nights with snacks and PJ's.
  • Long walks with Ginny. Conversation always seems to flow when you're busy doing something.
  • Make a list of our top 5 favorite movies and watch them together!
Sounds like simple activities that provides the perfect atmosphere to just enjoy each other, right?  

What are some of your favorite things to do with your love? Comment below! And if you want, do a blog post and link up with us!  
Marriage & Relationship Goals

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  1. I love your ideas for fun things to do with you husband this month! Some of my favorite "dates" with my husband have been when we weren't doing anything formal or planned but just having a game night or a walk with the dogs.

  2. I'm simplifying my life this year, too, so this is perfect. I love your suggestions and will most likely be using a few this year :)

  3. Yes! I love this goal! I'm all about simplifying things. You have some great ideas on how to simplify your relationship and just be together :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hooray for success at last month's goals!! :) I love your goal this month and your simple date nights sound so fun. Sometimes those are the ones with the most memories :)

  5. Oh what a wonderful goal! And I love your words for 2015! Our relationships don't have to be complicated! We don't have to have big, extravagant dates. As long as you're marriage is a priority, a simple dinner or walk is perfect!

  6. I love this, and I can't wait to submit a post on our marriage goals! Your simplified date night ideas are the exact kind of date nights my husband and I have! We much rather have pj and netflix/movie nights, long walks with our dog, and experiments in the kitchen than spend money and go out. Though we do try to do that once a month, too. I love it! :)

  7. I want more board games in our life!!! Great idea!


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