Jun 12, 2015

My wild moments

So, I adore Aimee, I mean really adore her. This lady is nothing short of amazing. And she WAS hosting a photography link up every Friday. Finding Beauty had a facelift and was These Wild Moments. If you have any photographs you're particularly fond of, link up every Friday with her!  Or, if you need some inspiration, she provides prompts for the next week. How cool is that?

Then, she up and cancelled the link up, and I am in loving protest! I loved this photography link up! And I'll continue to post this every Friday until she caves in and brings it back!! Wink, wink, nudge nudge! :)

OK, so I missed out on the past link ups, and thought I'd cram them all into one post. Here we go:

Week one: Wild

This hodge podge of ice cream flavors and caramel thrown in was wild for me!

Week two: Favorite

Carousels will always be my favorite.

Week three: In the Details

One of the reasons I love Vera Bradley items so much is the attention to detail in the patterns.

Week four: Black & White

I didn't even alter the saturation for this one, this rainy day was so dreary already!

What moments have you captured this week? 


  1. Ok, friend. All of these pictures are gorgeous! You are so talented!

  2. I posted the past couple weeks too.
    I LOVE your photos.

  3. I love these! Especially the last one! :)


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