Aug 13, 2018

A bundle SO big!

OK, I'm going to get real with y'all... I use to think all these marriage builders, marriage makeovers, etc. were kinda cheesy. And if I thought that, then my man-of-very-few-words husband would definitely think it! So, we never did them. And- like any marriage- events, work, health problems, get in the way. One day you wake up, not as close to your spouse as you use to or want to be.  How do you fix it? Well, if you're me, and a Research Master, you research it until it's dead, and more dead, like never even a chance of it pulling a zombie to come back and get ya, type of research dead
When I found The Dating Diva's website, my cheesy factor meter was tapping out. But- I wanted to feel that closeness with my Mr, so we gave a couple of things a shot. Like the 52 Dates photo album. And y'all, once you say- "Yes, it's cheesy, and yes, we have to do it, " it's pretty okay! The activities and dates we've tried put you in the mindset of focusing on each other, giving an opportunity for communication, and just let's you have fun with your spouse. When's the last time you had FUN? Silly, pointless, no to-do list kinda fun?  Yep, I thought so. It'd had been a while for us, too.
Fast forward to today, where I found out that The Dating Divas have pulled together this Marriage Bundle..... can't you hear them? the angels... HALLLLEEELLLUUUJAH! Printables, marriage courses, ebooks, the works! And just a little tip, when The Dating Divas put out a product/bundle launch, they normally do cheapest first and as the days tick by, price goes up! They also are only offering this bundle for a few days, so GOOOOOOOO!
How cool is this? So many things, all in one spot! Not to mention, one of my favorite blogger pals, Charlene, wrote something for this bundle! EK! So proud of her!
I'm not going to try to sell you on this, because that isn't what this blog is all about.  It's about being real, and truly wanting to share my life. Even all the stinky, cobweby parts. And it happens! Life happens! If you intentionally put your marriage & spouse first, then you're back on the right track, my friend.  This site has helped me & my Mr. connect better than we have in a year. 
If you give this a try, and I pray that you do, leave a comment below or email me, telling me how it goes!

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