Sep 24, 2018

Scroll Free September

Day 1- it's 6:30 pm, and I am antsy. Who knew a day was THIS LONG?! I did break free, checking Instagram and Facebook for 20 minutes, to post that I wouldn't be posting until October. How ridiculous is that? Honestly, I rolled my eyes when our local news covered a story that more and more places were offering Social Media Addiction treatment... Y'all, I get it now. EYe-yah-yaeeee! If the Mr and I come out of this month alive, it's all God's doing! That or we will come out even more obsessed with Ginny due to us starring at her like she's our only source of entertainment...because she is! Did I mention that we're also limiting screen time to 1 hour or 30 minutes a day?! Computers- including emails, Pinterest, just looking things up like "What is vinegar made out of?" AND that also includes TV! Netflix was always playing & we were always saying "One more episode?" Completely enabling each other knowing the other would say yes. GEEZZZ, my great-grandparents would be completely embarrassed at this rotting of the brains!
Day 24- Welp, I have to be honest here, this is the longest month of my life. Couple of confessions- football games are NOT, I repeat, NOT part of Scroll Free September.  We watched my LSU Tigers, as well as Da Bears. With a game on Saturday and Sunday, that added about 7-8 hours of TV time to our weekend. Which still seems insane to say! That's a huge chunk of time to be glued to a TV! Before Scroll-Free September, we wouldn't have thought twice about it. So that's progress... right?
Books read- 3
Projects finished- 4
Rooms deep cleaned-6

  I asked my Mr. if he would continue to be Scroll-Free.  He said that he didn't miss Facebook, but I have a feeling the computer games he plays have been on his mind all month! We- or at least I- completed some projects that have been on my to-do list for months, some a year! I wanted to finish the second half of the month strong, knocking out projects left and right. But, like always, something slowed me down to a halt- enter- Upper Respiratory Infection. Yep, the germs done gone an caught meh! I was down for a solid week, on a z-pack and trying to come back to life! The Mr. gave me a pardon since I had cabin fever pretty bad, and said that if I had to do fluids & lots of rest, then Netflix was included in that. And y'all, it's startling how I feel after watching TV for hours everyday. I feel sluggish, my brain clogged with images and junk, altogether bogged down. Before, I wouldn't have a second thought about leaving the TV playing all day for background noise or watching. The difference is crazy!  
Since no Instagram, I don't feel dissatisfied with my lack of travel, with my body, with how my home isn't picture perfect 24/7. I feel CONTENT, even satisfied!
Having social media is a necessity when you have a little business like mine. Yet, I never realized how unhappy it was making me to be on social media daily! Beginning Oct. 1st, I believe I'll keep off of Netflix and social media as much as possible.  Perhaps I'll use one of the social media schedulers they have now to schedule out my posts for the week. Only checking them once a week. 

Have you ever purposefully had screen free time? What are your tips?

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