May 31, 2014

Saturday Flash Sale! Dictionary Scarves

I am in-love with this Saturday! It's been an awesome morning and I plan on keeping the rest of the day HAPPY! I want to make you guys happy, too! So, I have 12 pretty little dictionary scarves sitting on my shelf, waiting to be sent to their owners! 6 with the mint green stripe, and 6 without.


ANDDDDDDD..... I've dropped the price! $29.00 + S&H until 10 pm Central time! Ya can't beat that! I'm the only one to offer these on Etsy, and let's face it, Etsy is a HUGE market! So go check them out! It's never too early to think about Christmas, birthdays, maybe someone you know will be starting their first year teaching in the Fall? Or, let's just get real here, any bookworm would love this at any time of the year!

I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear this! And it's so soft and comfortable! 

Hope you guys cash in on this deal today! Price goes back up to $34 + S&H after 10pm! 
May 29, 2014

A week and a half post-op...

  Things are looking up! I had my week post op appointment yesterday, Dr. said I'm healing beautifully and can start eating soft foods as tolerable! This makes me very happy, folks! Pain is manageable, about a 2 out of 10. The best part is, I haven't had one, not one single jaw pop since the surgery! This feels amazing! I use to have a huge pop every time I opened my mouth even half an inch. This made it so uncomfortable to smile or laugh or even eat. Actually, if you were next to me, you'd be able to hear the pop because it was so loud!! And to not have that little twinge of pain makes the whole process incredibly worth it!

   I'm so grateful to all of you who checked in on me. It means the world to me! Things are still a bit slow around here as I'm trying to build myself back up, energy wise, and as soon as I do that, I'll sit myself down and crank out all the blog post ideas I've had rattling around in my brain for the last month! Hopefully, next week I will be back to my normal blog post every day schedule.

I'm so excited to catch up with all of you lovely folks! Have a great weekend!
May 26, 2014

Saving Amelie Book Review for Tyndale Publishers

* I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishing House for my honest opinion.*

About the book- "Rachel Kramer is visiting Germany when a cryptic letter from her estranged friend, begging Rachel for help, upends her world. Married to SS officer Gerhardt Schlick, Kristine sees the dark tides turning and fears her husband views their daughter—deaf since birth—as a blight on his Aryan bloodline.
Once courted by Schlick, Rachel knows he’s as dangerous as the swastikas that now hang like ebony spiders across Berlin. She fears her father, an eminent eugenics scientist, may know about Hitler’s plans for others, like Amelie, whom the regime deems unworthy of life. But when she risks searching his classified documents, she also uncovers shocking secrets about her own history and a family she’s never known.
Hunted by the SS, Rachel turns to Jason Young, a driven American journalist whose connections to the resistance help Rachel and Amelie escape the city. Forced to hide in the Bavarian village of the Passion Play, Rachel’s every ideal is challenged as she and Jason walk a knife’s edge, risking their lives—and asking others to do the same—for those they barely know but come to love."

My opinion- This book, where do I start? It tugged so strongly at my heart strings. I have always carried a special place in my heart for victims of war, especially the Holocaust. Eighth grade class trip was to Washington D.C. and one of the stops was the Holocaust memorial. Also, when in Europe last year, we actually went to Auschwitz. I could only walk a few hundred yards in and had to leave. The pain people went through there
was almost palpable. So this book took me back to that state of mind. 
  Cathy Gohlke painted such a beautiful and raw picture of what people would've gone through during that time. 
I'm not going to sugar coat it, it is gritty. If you are looking for a feel-good type of book, this isn't the book for you. 
Also, children or young adults who are sensitive to this sort of thing should not read it, unless they are studying this
in school. Even then, be advised it will bring you back in time to a setting that is not sugar and rainbows.

All in all, this book will make you feel every emotion. It will disturb you, it will make you want better for mankind,
it will even make you feel like you are one of the lucky ones that did not have to go through something like this.
If you are interested in stepping back through to a time where things are questionable, I would recommend this book.  
May 23, 2014

Find Beauty Friday

Hey y'all! It's Friday! Woo-hoo! You've made it to the weekend! I hear that, at least in our neck of the woods, this weekend is going to be beautiful and the sun will shine! If that doesn't make ya happy, then I don't know what will!

Update on the procedure, I'm now 4 days post-op, doing okay. Some hours are better than others. The most aggravating problem I'm having is swelling. Sort of looking like a chipmunk with a Winter's worth of food in my cheeks. I noticed this morning that I have a "yellow eye" like a black eye, but it's tinted yellow. I'm hoping it doesn't turn black! Also, slight blue tint of bruising around my nose.  Pain is manageable, the medication they gave me was too strong for me and making me sick. Let's just say that major dental/jaw work and being nauseous doesn't mix... like at ALL. I've been praying like a mad fool for comfort, and of course it's working! Talking is pretty difficult since the jaw itself is really sore, it hurts to move it. You don't even realize how much you "flap your jaws" until it hurts when you do! Ha! I also want to give a big thank you to all of you who are checking in on me. I am just getting to my computer today, so I'll try to respond to you. It means the world to me that you take the time out of your day to check in!

Now, on to Find Beauty Friday! I'm co-hosting with the oh so lovely Aimee from This Darling Day. We get together on her blog and share some great photos of major events or just something that caught your eye this week, sort of like the beauty in everyday life.

This week, since I haven't really been up and around, I'm sharing a photo I took in April when I went to see my family. This is going over the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge. Funny how to take things for granted until you don't see them everyday.

IF you want to link up your photo, please do so by clicking the link at the bottom! This will stay open for 6 days.

May 22, 2014

When your dog is a mean girl...

Ginny is a mean girl. I hate to admit it, but it's the truth. She is a bully who thinks she can growl at a full grown German Sheppard. She gets frantic and jumps like shes standing on hot coals at other dogs, doesn't matter the size. She is even known to be a mean girl to me. Like when she wakes up and wants to play, she will just charge me! Total mean girl!

 When we adopted her from the rescue group, she was a bit shy, listened VERY well, and didn't play with us. Seriously, would not chase a ball, would watch it, then come to you for head rubs. I thought, what doggie doesn't play at a 1-2 years old? So I began to watch her reactions to things more closely. I believe that she may have been abused, if not abuse then they corrected her with pain, like a swat on the butt. Her personality is a lover. She reminds me of Pepe Le Pew, the love drunk skunk cartoon. She only wants love all the time! So to correct her with pain would break her heart!

 She eventually opened up to us and now likes to play. Although I feel like she is bi-polar because she will play and be so aggressive that she has no regard for her own safety! She will jump and land on whatever, feet, coffee table, human bodies... she doesn't care! And when she gets outside, it's a different personality again! She's the mean girl.

 I decided to listen to the Dog Whisperer, Ceaser Milan, for tips. I told my Mr., "No one is going to want her around if she keeps acting this way! She won't have any friends!" We have been trying the "Pack Walk" with us being the pack master, she seems to do okay at times, but other times she's a bully and tries to lead us! I even purchased the clicker thing and tried the "Click and Treat" method of things. Even as simple as Sit, Stay, and Shake. I can work with her for 2 minutes sometimes, clicking and treating the whole time as well as praising her, she will tolerate it for so long  (2-5 minute) and then tuck her tail, run and go hide in her kennel. I just don't get it!

How did you guys train your dogs? And do you think it's impossible to retrain a rescue dog?

May 20, 2014

Let me introduce you to...

Robyn! This little gal is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! I'm so excited to introduce you to Robyn from Robyn's Nest!

Hello! My name is Robyn and i blog over at Robyn's Nest! I am so excited to be sharing on Jess's blog today while she is taking some time off for her procedure! I have enjoyed getting to know her through blogland & think she is just the sweetest! I blog about my faith on my blog & would like to share with you something that has always helped my head filled with the truth of scripture! 

We destroy arguments & every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.
2 Corinthians 10:5-6

many years ago, i went to a Bible study taught by a family friend, Cathy Baker. i can't remember exactly what we were studying, but i remember that she handed us a sheet of paper that said "dagger list" on the top. she then explained, on the left side of the paper you write constant thoughts, doubts, fears, etc. that you continue to struggle with. on the right side of the paper, you write verses that speak truth on that particular subject. you keep the list in your purse, wallet, etc. so you always have it with you. then, when you are struggling with one of the items, you pull out your dagger list & use those scriptures as daggers to kill that thought with the truth.

this has always stuck with me because i am an over-thinker & over-analyzer. the dagger list has proven to help me take my thoughts captive to Christ. it's neat & very handy to already have defenses in place for things i struggle with. that way, i can just pull the list out & i already have specific truth right at my fingertips.

friends, there is a war going on everyday & whether we realize it or not, we take part in it. it's a war not of flesh, but of spiritual things. the struggle is real & we need to have defenses ready before we ever engage in battle.

think of a tree for a second, if you will. if a tree has shallow roots it can stand up, yet when a storm comes most likely it will fall because it's not prepared with deep root defenses. yet, when a tree has deep roots & is prepared before the storm, it stands tall even through the hardest of storms. that's how we need to be, we need deep roots that are rooted in Christ & his truth. in the middle of battle is not when we need to worry about our defenses - they need to be prepared before hand.

i encourage you all to make your own dagger list & use it to speak truth into your life! below is a glance at the first page of mine!

how do you keep scripture right at your fingertips?
May 19, 2014

Currently, in May...

 Hey y'all!  I thought I'd start doing a "Currently" list in the beginning of each month. Just to share a bit of what's going on in my world with you! And as May has been a bit busy, I needed to type this out for ya, even though it's almost the end of the month...

WORKING ON: NOTHING! IT feels good to say this! As you read this, I will be at home, under a pain medication cloud and sleeping throughout the day. I will have had my jaw procedure this morning and should be sleeping for the next couple of days. Thankfully The Mr. will be taking great care of me and will be enjoying the fact that for the next couple of weeks, I may not be able to talk his ears off! 
THINKING ABOUT: Healing thoughts, and pain management. Also, I will be thinking about all the yummy solid foods I won't be able to eat for the next couple of weeks until I heal. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will have a delicious fest planned for the moment my Doctor gives me the OK! Any suggestions?
ANTICIPATING: Summer plans! I can't wait to go to more baseball games, picnics, park filled days with a good book and my Mr. & Ginny! I need to take in as much nature and sun as I can just in case this Winter will be as horrid as this past Winter has been! Whew! 
LISTENING TO: KLove station! I just can't get enough of the music! It can be the worst day ever and 30 minutes of listening to uplifting music will give me the greatest attitude adjustment! 
EATING: Nothing, drinking coffee.
THANKFUL FOR: My Father God, all of my blessings He has given me, and thankful especially for The Mr. being such a kind and gentle man enough that he will take care of me during my recovery time. And he will probably spoil me a bit, but I'm not complaining about that! 
PLANNING FOR: Spring and Summer!   
MAKING: Blog post ideas! I plan on scheduling posts to cover the recovery time and then I will be able to jump back into it full force when I'm better! So if I don't answer your comment for a while, you'll know I'm still healing and I will get to it ASAP! 
LEARNING: To "Let go, let God" it is difficult when you have a strong personality and have been taught your whole life that if you want anything or want anything done, it's best to do it yourself. But God and I are working on that! :)
WEARING: Ya caught me, still in my PJ's! Sorry that I'm not sorry? 
There you have it! My currently, May edition! I'd love to hear some of the things y'all are currently doing! Comment below! 
May 9, 2014

Mary Kay Vox Box arrived!

Can I just say how much fun Influenster is? If you haven't signed up yet for it, go now! I'll wait! 

So, *I received these products free in exchange for my honest opinion. Just had to put that out there. Now on to the review!

Let me tell you a little about my history with Mary Kay. Growing up in the South, I can speak for most young ladies when I say that getting old enough to be able to wear makeup was a big deal! Even if it was just powder or shiny lip gloss. Also, there was always one lady, if not more, around town that was selling Mary Kay products. Now, my Mama never wore makeup. Maybe for a VERY special occasion, like her wedding day, but that was about it. She didn't have time and my Daddy told her she was beautiful without it, (I know, so sweet that man!) so she just didn't. This means that when it was my turn to start asking about wearing a little powder, it was a pretty much no! BUT- we did have a few of her teacher friends that sold Mary Kay and had samples for me to try. Unfortunately, I have ridiculously sensitive skin and the makeup didn't agree with me, which furthered Mama's cause that I didn't need to be wearing it.

Fast forward until I was grown and out of the house, I came across another sweet lady from church that was always peddling Mary Kay. I really adored this lady, so I received a few samples of the sensitive skin wash, and it seemed to work better on me than years prior! I was sold! I ordered things and was even thinking about selling the items myself! Then I moved away and never really searched for Mary Kay again... until now!

BOOM! Influenster sends me a Mary Kay Vox Box chalk full of products to try and I love them! Let us check out the photos and my comments for each item!

First, let me say that the items Mary Kay and Influenster sent are full sized items! I was shocked but thrilled at this! I guess when you think about getting to sample or test products, you never expect they would include full size.

 Above: All full sized products! I was happy from the start!

 This is their Nourishing Plus lip gloss in Mango Tango color. This lip gloss seems like it has staying power. I had it on for about 5 minutes. Application was smooth, a bit thick for my liking but would probably last hours. I also didn't care for the bright punch of color, but that's just my personal preference. Bonus- it smells like cotton candy/vanilla! Value: $14.00

This brush, I loved! It's called their "Cream eye color/concealer" brush, but I think I'll use it for my powdered eye shadow. It's not too large and perfectly rounded, which I love for my eye shadow! Value: $10

 This is their Powder Brush, and let me just tell you, I wish you would reach out and rub the brush through the screen because this is one of the softest brushes I've ever owned. I have the Bare Minerals brush, and I think I'll swap them out because this one feels much better! I also noticed very smooth application for my powder and the powder listed below... Value $16

Next up is the Translucent Loose Powder, Value $16.00. This stuff is nice, very light application, and reminds me of the Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals. The thing I love is it doesn't have a smell and the lid has a click closure so all of the powder doesn't get all over the lid.

This is Mary Kay's Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist color. I wore this for a day and it didn't crease in my eyelid like other cream eye colors. Smells a bit like chemicals. All in all, I'd say this would be good for those days when you don't want to wear much makeup but still want a bit of color and shimmer on your eyes. I would not recommend combining this with powdered eye shadow. Value $14.00.

Hello my new best friend! This Bronzing Powder is AWESOME! I'm a pale girl, and not a glowing pale, like a sickly looking pale, and this stuff is awesome! I do not want to to do the face contouring like you've seen all over pinterest where you start out looking like a tiger. YEAH, that's too much makeup for me, and it would take more time than I have to do it that way! I'd much rather use a powder and lightly dust my skin, and this stuff works! It adds a bit of shimmer, which is nice since it doesn't look like I have dirt on my face. Value $18.00.

Again, pale girls, listen up... this is incredible blush to bring life back to your face! This is Mary Kay's Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush and it blended so well with my face. It's a soft color, so a swipe will do, but if you want a noticeable blush look, you may have to do a couple of swipes or layers. I find that the smell is like your Grandma's blush smell, kind of strong, but do-able. And again, I love shimmer and this has a sort of goldish tint shimmer to it. Lovely! Value $12.00.

This is the Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Jet Black, Value $18.00.  This stuff is okay. It's a little hard at first, and since I like to do a very precise thin-ish eye liner look, it was difficult to achieve that with the brush they provided. I also had to kind of work the eyeliner a bit to warm it up. If you're into a thick liner look or maybe a smokey eye this would work perfectly! Glass container was nice, and the smell was a bit chemical.

And lastly, the Lash Love Mascara in I heart black color, value $15.00. This mascara works like a charm! I have very thin eyelashes due to allergies and rubbing my eyes too much, and this mascara make it look like they were much fuller than they actually are. Thin brush on the wand was perfect to do an all over coat, but also to get in and accentuate the individual lashes without disturbing the other lashes! Thin eye lashed girls know what I'm talking about here, it's difficult! 

All in all, I liked all of the products. Some I would never order again, some I would. The total cost for the products above would be $133, pretty pricey which is why I think twice when purchasing makeup. It's hard to justify spending that much on makeup that I will wash off at the end of the day. Or if it was a little more organic/natural, then I feel good about the cost. I'd love to find a brand that I could be completely loyal to, but so far, it's not that way.

Your turn, Are any of you brand loyal or do you like to jump around for different products? Comment below!
May 5, 2014

Marriage and Relationship Goals, Link up!

It's time for the monthly Marriage and Relationship Goal Link Up hosted by Amberly from Life With Amberly and Joe

Last month, I wrote this...
"Get ready for this ladies, it may strike a cord...

Your husband isn't meant to be everything to you.

  Some may be appalled at the statement. But I believe it to be true. God made a sort of spiritual keyhole in you that only he can fill. I'll be completely honest, I had a lot of trouble with this, and sometimes I still do.  I am always wanting more, which seems like something my dog inherited from me. We always want more cuddles, more conversations, more kisses on the forehead just more attention from The Mr. Not that he doesn't give enough. He is amazing and much more than I ever imagined a marriage could be!  But sometimes, and especially when I am feeling bad because of the Endometriosis, I just need comfort. The problem is, he gives so much and sometimes... its just not enough. It comforts, but doesn't fill up my "love tank" completely, which is a horrible feeling. UNTIL I figured out that it's not entirely The Mr.'s love tank to fill. I was combining all my love into one tank when it should be one love tank for the Mr. and one love tank for God. That, my friends, works sooooo much better!

  The Mr. shouldn't have the responsibility of making me feel entirely complete. He can give only what he can, and the rest was what I should've been pulling from God. I don't know if this makes sense to you as it does to me, but this revelation changed my whole view on things. I now am happier and feel more loved that I visualized separating the two loves into the two love tanks. And this may sound like a ridiculous example as I'm typing, I realize. But it best describes how I see it in my brain.

So, for this month, as I link up with Amberly over at Life with Amberly and Joe, my goal will be to make sure that I can recognize which "love tank" needs to be filled. To not be cranky with The Mr. when it's just ole quality quiet time I need with my heavenly father!

God promises to never leave you. ” I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)"

And this month, I can say that I'm still working on this! These past couple of months have been a bit trying for The Mr. and I. We have had a couple of major things going on, nothing terrible, just "trying" is the best word I can think of to describe this period of our lives. I am so incredibly thankful that God gave me a man with such a gentle spirit because He knows he made me to be a firecracker! Ha!
 With it being "trying" time, it seems like when I get overwhelmed, I may or may not become a little more needy..... Ok, YES, I become more needy! And it doesn't make sense, and it's hard to deal with me, and then temper flares, and it's just a crappy time! I need to learn to be more "Needy" with God, and not with my sweet Mr. And this is hard, y'all! It's like a lifetime of habits need breaking and new habits to rebuild. It won't happen overnight, but it's going to happen! That also sets me on edge a bit because I have zero patience so I want these habits to change and rebuild in an hour! (Firecracker part coming out there) 

Back in January, my word of the year was "Relax", at this point, I think it should change into a phrase of the year, and right now it needs to be "Qui Sera Sera"! Seriously!

Don't forget to link up with us! You have 13 more days to link up any post about Marriage and Relationship Goals!"

Marriage & Relationship Goals

New to the Marriage & Relationship Goals Link-up? Goals help our relationships grow stronger and get better with time as well as help us move forward and avoid the "ruts" of life. This link-up was created in hopes of inspiring your relationship with your significant other no matter your chapter in life and love. We would love for you to join us in making the things we do in our relationships intentional.  If you would like more information, click here. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, click here. If you are interested in cohosting, click here. Add Inlinkz HTML here
May 4, 2014

Shop My Closet- Vera Edition!

Hey y'all! I have something exciting to share with you on this Sunday morning! I've finally organized my loot from the Vera Bradley sale I went to, and I'm ready to share this Vera Bliss with you!!! I'm going to try to keep shipping down to a minimum, and have quoted shipping costs super low. If they are lower than I've charged you for, I'll send you the amount saved in a return! Simple enough right?!
Payment will be like this, you leave a comment on which number you'd like to order along with your email address, and I'll send over a paypal invoice for you to pay with. Once it has cleared, I'll mail your package and send you the tracking information! Please note, you will have 48 hours to submit your payment to me once I send you the invoice. If you don't pay within 2 days, I will re-list the item!

OK, here goes!
1. Vera Bobby Pins in Lilly Bell print. So adorable if you're like me and use bobby pins daily! These are very sturdy metal and doesn't snag hair!

2. Petite Chain Bag, So adorable for date nights when you just need your very essentials! Also adorable for a niece or daughter to start their very own Vera Bradley collection! 

3.Journals! This has a patchwork print of Vera patterns.

4. Market Tote bag, These are the plastic-ish type reusable bags you can buy everywhere, but in VERA! Also can be used as a lunch bag!

5. Paperback Book Cover in Folkloric print. This, my friends, is absolutely perfect for the days on the train or bus, or even at work when you don't want everyone to know what you're reading! Perfect for the ladies that enjoy a little steamy romance novel from time to time! The price on the picture is wrong, sorry, it's $8 + $3.95 S&H!

6. Tech Organizer, 2 available in Lemon Parfait, 1 available in Watercolor. This is awesome to store all of your computer cords, phone chargers, mouse, just anything that can fit in here for travel. Also, very nice if you just want to keep all sorts of things tidy in your home! 

7. Luggage tags, 2 Available in Lola Print!

8. Round coin purses! SO adorable! These have a laminate over the fabric to keep safe while in your purse! Also, great for young ladies to start their Vera collection! 

9. PJ Pants in Cocoa Moss print, size XL. These are cotton, so they might shrink during washing. They are a very light weight, almost gauze type fabric, and frankly, it's just too cold for me to wear them here! 

Remember, comment below about which number you'd like and provide an email so I can send you the invoice!

This is my first time doing a Shop My Closet, so bare with me!!!
May 1, 2014


Hey Y'all! Just wanted to give you a little update on what's going on. I know a few of you have reached out to me to see how I am doing, and I thank you! You guys are so sweet! It means the world to me to have amazing people who keep you in their thoughts and prayers! This week, I will try to get to all of the kind emails and reply back to you, if I haven't already.

OK, so, update is: I haven't had the procedure yet. I know, I know! This waiting is killing me too! I want to be back blogging away and chatting with you all!  The procedure will now be around the middle of May. It was postponed twice, and with family events going on in two different states and The Mr.'s work schedule, it just didn't work. So, all of my prep work didn't exactly go to waste, I  mean who wouldn't want to deep clean their home and prep meals for the next 2 weeks? Although,  it's left me with 2-ish more weeks to continue to prep and have things perfect so I can have a stress free healing time. Also, The Mr. will have things easy for him. Plus, if he's not fretting over making sure little things are done, like dusting, then he can focus on helping me!  Healing time will be the same, some say a week and they were back to moving around and doing light housework, some say it was 2 weeks of wishing to crawl under a rock and finish dying! Ha! I can't say which one of those people I will be, but I plan on giving her all she's got, Captain!

Now, this may mean that I can crank out some posts before then and publish, or I may crank them out and schedule them for while I am healing, I don't know since the family events (folks are moving houses) are still going on, I'm not sure how much time I will have to post. And even if I do have posts for you, I haven't decided the schedule yet.  I do know that if any of you would like to do a guest post, please email me or leave a comment and I'll email you the details! I'd love to have you on my little corner of the blogosphere!

See you soon.... AGAIN! :)